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hey! please don't interact with my works if you are under 13, are a zoophile, draw kink/fetish related content, or are a bigot in any way! this is a positive space, so no homophobia, racism, anything like that. these limitations are to protect myself, and if i find that you're going around these i won't hesitate to block you. 

i don't have a blacklist, but if i have you blocked, please don't try to work around it. i likely blocked you for a reason, and i'm more than happy to explain why i did if you approach me kindly, but please don't try to talk to me through other people! 

-ask about my ocs!
-draw my ocs (they are almost all feral animals, don't be nasty)
-talk to me!

-to be friends. i am very hesitant about new people
-about art trades/commissions! it all depends on the characters
-about roleplaying/shipping with my ocs.

do NOT:
-draw nsfw of my ocs
-assume i don't draw my ocs. i just. don't post the art until i have a decent stockpile. then i upload all at once.
-kin my ocs. really, don't. they all mean a lot to me, and even if i plan to make a public comic, i'm uncomfortable with people kinning my (and other peoples) ocs due to the community i witnessed on tumblr.
-be a bitch

lastly, i am autistic, and i don't pick up on signals very well, so if i do something wrong personally, please just tell me before jumping to conclusions!

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