Pitchbringer are'nt actually bringing or causing pitch. They're just present whenever horrible unluck/bad stuff is happening. The humans called them 'Pitchbringer' because they thought they'd be the trigger of, or for, pitch.

Pitchbringer are dead animals that were brought to life again by Name, the deathgod of Oasis. They all had a horrible past and never had luck in their first life, so Name had mercy with them and decided to give them another chance to be able to delight themselves on other peoples bad luck. They are'nt really allowed to actively 'change' anything tho, except making contracts.

They're able to make contracts with anyone excpet other Pitchbringer. If a contract is made, they're bound together and if they are seperated for too long it will hurt them mentally. The only reason to make a contract is to make the non-pitchbringer stronger. Its a nice gesture of them. Contracts have different consequences with every Pitchbringer.

Some of them have 'humanly' friends and dont actually care about their rule not to change anything.
Dont give them good luck charms.