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hi again! im so sorry i keep sending you messages, but that design of yours i own someone is interested in it but they wanted me to make sure that you dont have any rules on the design, they said some designers say when their designs are gifted you can only gift them back and i got it as a gift from someone so can i still trade it or is it now gift only?

If you purchased any art for them after gifting, that would be the trade value. If no art is purchased, then you can only gift them since they were gifted to you.

if someone were to really like the design and be fully aware it was worth nothing but still want to trade for it, would that be fair? if not its cool.

As long as they don't try to trade it for a profit or sell it for profit, that's fine

okay awesome! thanks <3

how much are you wanting for kiyomi? (in money)

She's worth 285$, I'd like at least half of that but you can just give me an offer

i thought i had already asked mb,, it says up for offers does that include trade?

Only if it's an art trade, I'm not looking for characters ^^

not sure if im supposed to tell but i know some designers like to know if their designs are traded,, i now own one of your designs!!

Thank you for letting me know! ^^

hii! i cant seem to find your for sale/purge folder, link?

thank you!!

Oh wow you’re the streamer? :0 I never knew you had this. Everything you have is so so cute! I must favourite everything ❤️❤️❤️

Yes! Aww thank you! I've used TH for a long time, I really like it c: