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Big update to my gallery!

Posted 2 months, 28 days ago by CoolKaius

I finished improving my account with the following:

- fun profile coding

- sub-folder backgrounds

- mood boards

- music on character profiles

- all gift art

- descriptions of all tags and characters

- cohesive thumbnails

- tags that tell you which characters have certain profile features such as fun code

I have now made sure that all of my characters have a good description to explain who they are/how they got made. My color characters have some fun lore to read. Every character that is worth reading about is tagged with hasbio.

My folders also have descriptions now. I added a new folder just for giving you a better idea of what inspires most of my characters.

Every character now has the best possible thumbnail based on the art I currently have.

My profile has been completely revamped using free code made by Wicked.

I hope you'll take a look because almost all of my characters are very original.