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Offering Dreamy design commissions

Posted 6 months, 11 days ago by Cottoneeh

Hey there!
since there will be a dreamy myo event soon where you have to submit a finished design and there are also quite a bunch unfinished myo slots, I’d love to offer dreamy design commissions bc they are so much fun.

So if you are interested in my designs here is the thread link:

You can also commission an already existing dreamy c: 

Fullbody base with 60 extras

Posted 7 months, 4 days ago by Cottoneeh

LF Couple Commission

Posted 9 months, 12 days ago by Cottoneeh

I'm looking to commission a (probably thigh-up) couple in anime style for a very personal thing.
It is a plus if you can do some background? But it doesnt have to be any detailed scene etc.
Maybe someone is open or knows someone who offers some?

Please link the info below <3

Free and Pay 2 use bases on my gumroad

Posted 10 months, 20 hours ago by Cottoneeh

New on my gumroad:

My old chibi base for free usage

And a newer semi chibi base as P2U

NSFW art on my gumroad

Posted 10 months, 1 day ago by Cottoneeh

i uploaded my first nsfw art on my gumroad. You can download 3 Nsfw versions of my drawing „bathtub bunny“ for your personal use <3 

The versions included: Nude, sexy and lewd

I hope I can do more in the future c: 

LF oc relationship (mxm)

Posted 11 months, 19 hours ago by Cottoneeh


My baby bird / chick / ducky is looking for a seme to give him some love 💕 

Might consider an ukexuke ship but a seme is preferred :3

This is him 



Feel free to drop your oc down here or dm me if interested!