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hello! i was wondering if you were doing commissions qwq? how much are shaded chibis if so?

Hii thanks for your interest! I generally do commissions, but I’m reworking my commission list and prices atm :) 


Hello! I wasn't sure if you wanted to keep your thread for your Dreamy swap clean, but Aoku is actually a Bramlit (another CS of umbral-wind)! :)


Ooh I see! I thought they were a non cs :o thank you for letting me know! ^_^

E-everything is so cute.

Thank you ;o;

I love all of your characters so much! Seriously, all of them are dream designs. Your art and profile is so gorgeous and I just love everything you have on your TH sm. You are such an inspiration to me, thank you. Have a good day/night! 

Awww thank you for your sweet words ;w;

I was wondering what the little symbols meant in front of your characters (particularly the ones in the trade folder). And where you got the symbols from. I want to do something like that with my own ;u;

I just found them on the internet (like googling 'heart symbol') and same symbols mean that the oc's are related to each other. It is mostly for my main oc's who are all hidden currently. So if any oc has a sign it just means they were related in any of my stories before or still is. And that they are probably harder to get if they are moved to my trade folder

Ahhh, I see. Thank you. ;u;

You're welcome

Hi :)

Oh no, why can't I see your characters ; v;!

Hey I was just wondering if you had the Nair species info anywhere? I'm planning on doing more w my adopted baby but wanna see what stuff you've come up with so I could build on that!! (Also will you be doing more Nair adopts in the future?)

hii! sure, here you go! tho it is more like a guide about their appearance until now ;w;/ i actually wanted to do more, but i wasnt sure if people would be interested at all xo

Aaaaaa thank you so much!!! yeah I know what you mean, I'm having the same issues with my species lmao.

Hey would you ever wanna do some collab adopts? (Examples of mine here

Btw could I have permission to make my baby a Midnight nair? With the fluffier neck fur and stuff? What I have for him so far is that he's from a northern region so that would make sense?

Actually the midnight traits are more rare trait :'D So i'm not sure if it is good to do that bc the ref would be needed to get edited as well

btw ;w;/ i opened a Nair OTA <3

Your characters are extremely adorable and so is your rabbit icon!

aaah thank you so much ;w; <3

cute characters <3

Thank you very much <3

Everything you own is too cute ❤ I look at all the characters and I feel so inclined to paint all mine pink (///▽///) hoping they'll be as cute as yours ❤😍

Aah ;w;/!thank you so much! So glad you like my babies <3

cottoneeh can we trade? I REALLY LOVE YOUR OCS HEAVEN AND SUN!

Cottoooon who made your cute lil bun icon?

Oooh i made it myself xD eheh Eep you have a cute one too!

Waaaah what could I do for one ; A ;

uuhm x'D not sure ahah pixels are so hard for me so i'm not really offering them anymore as comissions but feel free to note me, maybe we can find something?

omg i swear i was subscribed to you already cause i've come across your page a few times before xD

Ahah xD dito Your oc's are seriously the cutest ever omg I would cuddle them all!

Amg your characters are so pastel and adorable TT v TT <3

omg thankies ;w; i love yours a lot too! ♥

Hhhhhh no problem! And thanks so much for your kind words ;; w ;; <333

he du :3 hab beim Schäfchen ne Anfrage auf Creator Rights gestellt, ich hoffe mal das kam nu auch richtig an so und nicht als "ich wills haben" :D

jup c: hab es bestätigt! hatte auch etwas von hinausa stehen, hatte sie z.b. auch als creator angegeben (für lille und pom-chan) aber irgendwie steht da mein name und ich kann das nicht ändern ;W; wo geht das?

aah ok habs gefunden *3*

yay i found you on here!

Yey :D

-does happy dance-

AWWW //huggy hii ♥