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Hey there!! Really quick update, but if you haven't heard, discord will no longer be feasible as a filehost sooner than later. Unfortunately, like a fool, I've hosted a lot of my image assets for my live code demos there- I'll be slowly but surely updating them bit by bit (but when I mean slowly, I mean slowly haha). Note that the codes themselves are completely fine, but if you notice an image asset looking weird/broken on any of the live previews, that's why!

Sorry about the lack of codes in a long time, too- I've more recently spent my coding motivation on coding my site and doing other things on my main, but I do hope to have something for you guys before the end of the year (please don't hold me to that, unfortunately my motivations and interests are extremely sporadic haha). Thank you so much for sticking around and enjoying my codes, I really appreciate it!

Anyways though, thanks for reading this, I hope you have a good day!! And if you're looking for a new filehost like I was, I can recommend Filegarden or Catbox (although if you aren't the biggest fan of the moe style like I am, go with the former as it's pretty much inescapable for the latter)

Regarding the url of my credit [POLL]

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by Coturnix

What should I do regarding the credit url?

4 Votes Keep things the way they are (links will continue to direct to Nor)
28 Votes Change all code links to Coturnix (all new links will direct to this account, existing ones will direct to Nor unless changed)
2 Votes Change the name of this account to Nor (all versions of code will have correct url (I'm the most hesitant on this one for reasons above))

Hi there! First up, thanks for looking at this in the first place- I'll probably link to this poll from my main since I do know some people follow only there and this may or may not have relevance to that account's name. I've wanted to address this for a while but admittedly, I've been a bit scattered- better late than never, though! Essentially, my codes currently direct to my main/art/primary toyhouse, Nor (because I started using my codes over there, which I've moved to here). However, because of that, I feel like partially some people get confused by that, even with redirects. To deal with this, I've drawn up three options, which you can see below (with pros and cons listed):

  • Keep things the way they are (links will still direct to Nor, for better or worse)
  • Change all code links to Coturnix (old/existing links on people's pages will still direct to Nor, but new ones will redirect here)
  • Change the name of this account to 'Nor' and my main to something else (All versions codes will have the correct url)
Admittedly I'm more than a little hesitant to go for that last option due to a lot of fondness with the 'Nor' username + additional things such as a watermark and other things; but ultimately I do think getting it closer or simply my username on most sites may be helpful and I can adjust.

Thanks for looking, and hopefully, voting! I appreciate it!

(Edit, the third option of the poll should say below but I can't change that. Just pretend it's right orz)

Third and possibly final edit, although I'll leave this up indefinitely; there seems to be a pretty large majority for changing the credits to go to this account- I've done that, so from now on all credits should redirect to this account. A huge thank you to everyone who's voted! I really appreciate the feedback, it helps a ton!