Hey there! I do some HTML as a hobby, and well, here's the fruits of my labour! While I know that I might not be too active in creating new codes due to life circumstances, I hope you enjoy what I have here!

[If you're looking for my assets (free to use things such as bases), they're here.]

If you have an issue with one of my codes (that is related to the code, not a general coding question (ie; WYSIWYG mode, image URLs, etc. Try out this thread instead!), comment on the code's comments or DM this account! Please, do not DM my main account for code related issues. I check this account fairly often (biweekly or more).
  • My codes will not work properly if WYSIWYG mode is on, make sure it's off before using them.
  • Please don't remove my credit! You're free to move it around, but please don't delete it entirely.
  • If the other coder(s) allow it, feel free to frankenstein my code with others as long as credit stays intact.
  • Please, do not redistribute my code, even if edited. Thanks!

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