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Sorry for the late reply, I don't check TH often! Permission should be updated! ;w;/


OMG I love all of you're designs sooooo much q-q
I recently came to own to of you're designs that were resold, I'm very lucky TTuTT

  Best girl !     

Aaaah! DesireeU is on here!! I'm a huge fan of your art and species,and while I don't have a DA account for personal reasons, I use to search up your adopts and art a lot,um,in a non stalkery kind of way of course... Flammaesurits are my favorite species of yours,but honestly I love all of them!

I'll stop fangirling now,but seriously,love your art.

Oh gosh hello, and sorry for the late reply!! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me such a kind, wonderful message, I'm so flattered to know you enjoy my art and species so much ;/////; Flammaesurits have a special place in my heart and I'm so happy people still remember them ♥ I hope to bring them back someday soon!
Thanks again for the super sweet comment, it made my day ♥♥♥


I love your art so much! And I'm super into Harry Potter so your characters are double awesome :)

lol fancy seeing you here!

i never knew she was a yugioh fan!

:000 no way, heyo!

Surprise!  ^^

 Oh myyyyyy   I just have to follow you here too!       

Sorry for the late reply Mimi!! But oh myyy, I'm so happy to see you here as well! ♥ Def gonna follow you back my cutie ♥♥♥

I THOUGHT I REPLIED?! omg shame on me , really Q . Q I'm a YEAR LATE T.T But thank you so much hunnyyyyyyyy <3

OMG Why am I not following you on Toyhouse yet xDDD Hello hello!

Aaaah, I didn't know you had a TH too!! Seeing more of Nyxis is great, but also very curious to see more of your other charas, they all seem so nice~ Will you upload also others here? (ie. I think I remember you had a pink thylacine ♥)
Thanks for the follow!! >w<

Thank you so much! ^^ I do plan to slowly upload others here, I hope you enjoy seeing them as well! ^^

Im still learning the toyhouse thing XD 

I saw you could request to be the creator? that's pretty cool! i have this boy up as well if you wanna do that for him too? ^3^

Don't worry, is quite easy when you get the hang of it! Any question, you can ask me, I'd be happy to help ♥
And thanks for letting me know! You can change manually the designer when you edit your character, but yes, people can request creator rights---sent a request now~

Thank you so much for the Drawing bb!!! ;v; <3

Late reply but, you're much welcome hun! Gotta love unicorn babies <333

I'm in your house of toys~ Poking at your OC's~ X3

Your characters are all gorgeous

Thanks a lot aaaah I'm so glad you think so! ;//v//;