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*scuttles in!* Just wanted to say Efrideet i love all your dragons! bless them , and I think we have chatted a few times! but would you be down to do some lore/links with dragon characters with mine >_> (no pressure of course!)

would include art and maybe some writing :D

Hi hello!! GOSH thank you so much!! That means the world to me. 😭🤍

And ooh absolutely! I think that’d be super cool! :D 

oooh ok! awesome once i get him ill send a dm!


Oh my gosh THANK YOU! That’s so sweet I’m glad you enjoy them. 🥺

bro you have so many absolutely amazing characters!! so sorry for the spam, i just needed to be able to look at them all the time :')

would you be ok with me drawing some of them? (those that i faved)

Oh my gosh thank you SO SO MUCH!? That means the absolute world to me, I’m so glad you like them!! And of course I’d be honored if you drew them. ;w; I’m happy to authorize you that way you can see the full images! 💕✨

Thank you thank you thank youuu!!! 

༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽   i absolutely adore them all so much!! <3

just wanted to ask if you have an insta i can teg? i've been working on the art for 3 babys of yours^^




Ohh that’s so exciting! I think I do hang on just one second! ^^ 

Edit: it’s Efrideeet ! 

dude I LOVE your characters, super cool!!

WAHH thank you my gosh! ;w; I’m really really glad you like them so much. ✨💕

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AHHH AODUREJAJ THANK YOU!!! 😭💕 I am so so glad that you think so, what a lovely compliment! I really really appreciate this, I spend a lot of time trying to come up with good stories and information for my characters and world. You’ve made my week! 🥺✨

Do you think my arvani could be friend with your arvani (any of the 3 that fits more her vibes) ? I want her to have some friends xD 

Absolutely!! ^^ I’m open to any and all links with my Arvani! 

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I literally just saw this omg. I love this song. 😂

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Omg thank you so so much!! This means the world to me as I try really hard to continue making progress on fleshing out  my characters and their world. I’m so happy you like them so much!! 🥺💖

Really love the world you’ve built and all your dragons are simply gorgeous!

Low-key would love to design ya a dragon one of these days, though I’m still an amateur artist tbh, lol. If ever ya got a concept ya want on paper tho just lemme know! I’d happily give it a go. :3 

Wow thank you so much!! This means a lot, and I’m super glad you enjoy my world and characters! ;;

Also that’s be super cool, and so kind of you! If I come up with a design down the road that I’d like to bring to life I’ll definitely keep this in mind, thanks so much! ^^

would you ever consider links/connections with your characters, such as more friends/rivals/etc :0

Hi there! I’m still trying to figure out my story for all of my characters. But if I decide to at a later date I’ll try to remember to let you know! 

I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your characters! I too love playing Destiny 2, so seeing some of your characters named after the Destiny Series makes me smile! ;w;

Ahhh! Thank you SO much!! Destiny has been a really important and prominent part of my life, I've been playing since the beta for the first game. It’s helped me so much with combating social anxiety and making so many wonderful friends. I thought it’d be cool to give some of my characters names that mean something special to me. ;w; <3

That’s amazing!! It feels so long ago since D1 was first brought out! And then evolving to D2 where we lost our Tower and even up to now with the current season! It’s such an amazing game, I love meeting people that enjoy the series! Yes! What caught my eye was your Omnigul! Such a unique name I knew it had to come from a fan of Destiny! ;v; <33 

Haha, yeah! I remember farming the Omnigul strike from Destiny 1 over and over to get the best role on the Grasp of Malok. :,)

Oh yes the Grasp of Malok!! ;w;

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Oh thank you so much! That means a lot to me. ;v;

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Omg, this made my day thank you SO much!!! I can’t take credit for the creation of them as the wonderful artists are the ones who deserve all the props, but really thank you. This means so much, you’re far too kind. ;0;

Thank u for fav! :3

Of course! Neat character. :)