Efrideet's Bulletins

Sales Bump!

Posted 1 month, 10 days ago by Efrideet

Hello hello! Both myself and some awesome fellow design owners are parting with some really neat designs! I’d definitely check them all out if I were you. :]

Bogwitch: https://toyhou.se/BogWitch/characters/folder:4449576

Taylorelaineart: https://toyhou.se/TaylorElaineArt/characters/folder:168160 

My own: https://toyhou.se/Efrideet/characters/folder:560613 ! 

Reduced Prices

Posted 2 months, 7 days ago by Efrideet

Hello everyone, 

I have had some designs sitting in my sales folder for a bit so I am lowering the prices on them for the time being. :) 

https://toyhou.se/19418245.abeille-usd-only (previously $430.00, now $250.00) , 

https://toyhou.se/6278713.akiko-usd-only (previously $220.00, now $150.00) , 

https://toyhou.se/7547733.dendera-usd-only (previously $350.00, now $235.00) , 

https://toyhou.se/22678738.kiyoshi-kiyo (previously $160.00, now $85.00) , 

https://toyhou.se/11998005.tauriel-usd-only (previously $300.00, now $225.00) , 

https://toyhou.se/23945323.tbn-usd-only (previously $271.00, now $175.00) , 

https://toyhou.se/22785196.rogn (previously $60.00, now $40.00) , 

https://toyhou.se/22425605.ortun (previously $80.00, now $50.00) , 

EO on Almost Everyone

Posted 2 months, 17 days ago by Efrideet


I have been seeing bulletins regarding Toyhouse offers lately, and thought it might be interesting so I am opening my entire Toyhouse to offers! The only exclusions are Sindri, and those trade/sale locked! My Arvani will be next to impossible to pry from me (it would have to be an offer I couldn’t refuse) as I’m very attached to them all.

Also please understand that this is more just for pure interest on what could potentially be offered- I am happy with most of my designs! As for my interests, feel free to look through my favorites to get an idea! I’m really only interested in designs that fit the themes of those in my “Real Favorites” and especially the “Gosh I Love Them” folders. If I’m offered something that doesn’t fit my tastes I’ll likely ignore it, apologies!

EDIT: also I probably should have mentioned this but the sale/trade lock indicator is in the character tags on their profiles! 

Comments here or DM’s are welcome, thanks for looking! 


Posted 2 months, 18 days ago by Efrideet

Some really cool characters up for offer here https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/1809434.ocs-ufo-again ! You know that it would be silly not to take a look. 👀

Arukanoda Designs for Trade

Posted 3 months, 14 days ago by Efrideet

I have a few Arukanoda designs that I am having a hard time coming up with ideas for story-wise- SO I am going to be entertaining swap offers on them to see if I can find a design I click with more! 


https://toyhou.se/5227647.calfuray-trades ,

I am willing to trade both Lyden and Calfuray together for one I connect with better! Or if it's a design I REALLY like I can also add this guy https://toyhou.se/8612498.dzovag however I very much still connect with this oc and have ideas for him so it'd have to be a design I really love to sway me and trade all three! An Arvani would likely be an auto - accept! Thanks for taking a look. 

Updated Sales/Trades Bulletin

Posted 5 months, 9 days ago by Efrideet

Not much to say! Just making an updated bulletin regarding those in my trades/sales folder. I will put what I am looking for with each design after the posted link, but wanted to also put here that I will consider Arukanoda and feral feline TornTethers designs for ANY/MULTIPLE characters posted below~ 

Ed_Schnee/Astralnoodle & Shpedya: https://toyhou.se/19418245.abeille-usd-only (USD) 

AstralNoodle: https://toyhou.se/7547733.dendera-usd-only (USD)

Keldel: https://toyhou.se/6278713.akiko-usd-only (Voucher for Artwork)

Keldel: https://toyhou.se/10173812.msamaki-usd-only (USD) 

Keldel: https://toyhou.se/11998005.tauriel-usd-only (USD)

FrankyVixen:  https://toyhou.se/18551763.cliquo-usd-only (USD)

Kipine: https://toyhou.se/23945323.tbn-usd-only (USD) 

Grimmla: https://toyhou.se/6822997.osyka (USD or Art) 

RemainHouden: https://toyhou.se/6435761.guinevere-usd-only (USD or Art)

All of my dinosaur designs linked below I will be looking for artwork offers only!

Miiwiio: https://toyhou.se/23078418.bernlak 

Arcaderacer: https://toyhou.se/9642080.bonehead-bones 

Pulvares: https://toyhou.se/22678738.kiyoshi-kiyo 

Dodgernova: https://toyhou.se/22425605.ortun 

Howly08bp and base by TenebrisCorvus: https://toyhou.se/22785196.rogn 

Zuemara: https://toyhou.se/23067839.tbn 

Ottermeal: https://toyhou.se/23333004.tbn 

And this design I have had for ages at this point, so they're free https://toyhou.se/2826449.- !

Pinglist Bump!

Posted 8 months, 9 days ago by Efrideet

Hey there!

I am bumping my pinglist bulletin (https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/896496.pinglist) as I have since added and traded/sold a bunch of characters so I have a vastly different collection now. I have deleted all comments that were solely for characters I no longer own, and am open to pings on all characters other than my Arvani, Liusaidh, and Sindri.

I am also potentially interested in a voucher if I manage to claim a design that could be posted any day now, so I could be open to parting with certain designs in the form of a voucher. I may also consider trades IF the design offered is an Arvani, or a design from my “Gosh I Love Them” folder in my favorites. I would be open to offering multiple of mine for one of yours too depending.

If you have contacted me privately before, it may be best to post here too as my memory is not great lmao. ;w; 


Posted 1 year, 10 months ago by Efrideet

Sooo my memory is absolutely horrible when it comes to remembering to ping people and who is interested in who. ;w; I’m going to make a ping list here both for myself and for all of you that way on the rare occasion I ever open offers on anyone I can check here to better prepare myself for pings. I will not be opening pings for my Arvani, Liusaidh, and Sindri however, and there are a few characters co-owned and/or trade locked that I will also not be taking pings on for obvious reasons. This isn’t to say I’m taking offers on characters though!!! The ones I do have in my Tiramel folder currently I love deeply. Buuuut there may be a chance I could look at offers on a few if it’s a character from my “Gosh I Love Them” favorites folder. :> 

Let me know who you’re interested in and what you’d be offering below! Thanks for your interest everyone! 🤍