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I have used AI art before, I will not be using it anymore and i do not support it anymore. Non of my OCs have any AI art in them anymore. Please use tone indicators

  • Fav my ocs! (may fav back!)
  • Draw SFW art of my ocs! (May draw back!)
  • Chat! I'm usually open!
  • Ask me about my OCs!
  • Ask for links!!!!
  • Respect me! You do not have to support me! But you can respect me to interact!
  • Draw NSFW of my ocs.. (I'm a minor:/)
  • Spam fav
  • private/delete my characters
  • let the ocs/designs i have made set
  • give my designs/ocs to people with adult locked accounts!
  • do not give my characters to people who have me blocked!
  • trace/Heavy reference/Claim my ocs/designs as yours (unless the designs have been redesigned!)
Content warning
  • Gore
  • Weapons
  • Trauma
  • Senstive content!
  • No one yet ;D

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