Feinny's Bulletins

WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR : Annies, Piffi, Deency, Vanilla-Cherie, StarliPOP, Penguinkissus, hieihirai, and fawnbun

What I am offering : You may inquire about anything excluding the entire Ashuri, Milqilin, Heartpuff and Beromimi folder. I am more than willing to do multiple or add on money.

NOTES :  some BluCs I am not going to let go at all. It's just faster to inquire than me listing every single one I'm willing to let go >w< 

Dainty folder : Yume and Lucius are off limits 

Dreamy folder : Only the myo slots are available I do not plan to trade any of my premades. Possibly MAY consider letting go of Ignis. I will not offer any adds on to him, he's worth over 100 and incredibly tentative 


Posted 3 months, 27 days ago by Feinny

An artist I wanna commission is taking points only so there we go ;w; 1$=100 points !

LF : DA Points O: Adopts maybe $

Posted 3 months, 30 days ago by Feinny

I need around 1600 DA points so im sellin some babes for extra cheap !

https://toyhou.se/Pandora-Trade/characters => Anyone currently priced under 10$ is 150-250 points Anyone above 10 is 800pts 

Also have these https://toyhou.se/Feinny/characters/folder:1790452 ! looking for their points equivalent minus 150 points !

If they don't sell I'll offer 1$=100pts uwu

OC Pinglist reminder

Posted 4 months, 24 days ago by Feinny

Just a little reminder that I have a pinglist here : https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/101139.ping-list-if-you-are-interested-in-my-babies uwu 

EO/Purge : Beromimis

Posted 5 months, 20 days ago by Feinny

https://toyhou.se/~forums/13.adoption-center/56747.eo-trades-beromimis => infos here ! please offer there for easier tracking uwu dms are fine but comment that you did ! 

UPDATES - Read if I owe you art !

Posted 7 months, 19 days ago by Feinny

Hey guys ! My life has been kind of a mess since this March and I've ran into family but most importantly health problems coupled with my cat having to recover from two abssesses, which means I've literally not touched my tablet much since the begining of August, HOWEVER I'm back on track now. I have been diagnosed and I will ultimately need surgery, but I will slowly work on owed art so if I owe you something, don't worry you should get it by the end of september at most <3 

OC Talk Discord server !

Posted 8 months, 1 day ago by Feinny

If you're like me and you LOVE to gush about characters feel free to join ♥ https://discord.gg/GtAM38x


Posted 8 months, 20 days ago by Feinny

Like. At all. Taking elements of my BluC designs and putting them in your own design does not make it okay. If it happens again I'll just put them all in private and never show them again.