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Taking requests

Posted 17 days, 12 hours ago by FlameClawDaCat

I’m feeling nostalgic and I wanna post some stuff to DA for some advertisement of my character purge, so I’ll be taking requests. I can’t promise I’ll do all of them or that they’ll look particularly good, since I haven’t done this in a while. But just comment or dm me whatever you want and I’ll look at it.

Purge update

Posted 4 months, 6 days ago by FlameClawDaCat

I’m gonna start to put prices on characters  soon in case that helps anyone, also I need to decide what some of them should be worth. I’m going to be going by both how much I got them for and how much I value them at, so if I got a character for free it’ll have a low price but it’ll still be something. It still took me work to get the character, and I can’t just give away a nice character because someone was nice enough to give it away. But they will be really cheap and I’ll encourage trades on them. I’ll also probably make them points only. If this bothers anyone let me know, I don’t want to offend people. I also don’t remember exactly which ones I got for free in the first place so yk. I’ll also be including the value of any art that I’ve done too so that’ll balance out some of the free ones.

Complete purge

Posted 4 months, 28 days ago by FlameClawDaCat

Hi people 👋 I haven’t logged in since like august and I think I’ve decided that I want to move on or atleast somewhat move on. This community has been so great for these past couple years and even though I never made any friends due to anxiety 😭 I just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed it. However, I don’t feel much towards this anymore. I used this space as a retreat for when irl I didn’t really have any friends, but now I do again and I feel very happy about that. I’m a junior in highschool and I’ve matured since I started this. I’ve thought, do I want my new friends to see the cringy art I’ve made online? If it was better maybe so, but I have to acknowledge that I don’t have the patience or dedication to improve much more. I’m done with this aspect of my life for now, and I don’t think I’ll come back. I want to keep Flameclaw for old times sake but other than that my characters can all go. Literally all of them. I will only take PayPal or tentatively other characters or points. I’m probably going to keep some but not any specific ones. Offer enough and I’ll sell any character I have, although I know a lot of them are low quality. They’re cheaper in bundles. Whatever I have to say. Just please buy something or share this. I want closure and I want to give these characters a second chance. I want someone that has the passion I once had for them to get them. If you’ve read this whole thing have a good day. Thank you all.

Looking for offers

Posted 7 months, 3 days ago by FlameClawDaCat

I don’t really use my characters a whole lot anymore and while I do still like them a lot there are probably some that can go. I would prefer PayPal but can consider other offers. Feel free to look at anyone except my sonas (they have a folder)

Taking a break

Posted 8 months, 21 days ago by FlameClawDaCat

Not that I was really active anyway, but I just wanted to say I’m taking a break. Nothing bad has happened, I’ve just decided to spend some time doing things I enjoy, and right now I’m getting tired of art, characters, etc. I’ll still work on any art I owe, and take the occasional commission. I just realized (I know this sounds dumb) while dancing to the golden girls theme in the shower, that I was really happy then. I was really happy while watching TikTok and YouTube and I’m seeing a friend soon as well. I’ve been feeling trapped and like everyday just comes and goes recently, and I’ve just now been able to appreciate the small things. This is not a goodbye to the internet, but just something I felt like I needed to say. <3

Pride YCH

Posted 9 months, 29 days ago by FlameClawDaCat

Visual below v 

Finally made a pride ych on time. Anyway, it is 35 points, any additions or lineart changes will be free, or 10 extra points if there are a lot of changes. I will also only allow pride flags to be used. I can do as many Pride flags as needed.

Character name:
flag(s) wanted:
any other specifications: s: df6hp4v-a497f23a-1fbf-4a75-91da-ed917a84

50 point headshots

Posted 10 months, 4 days ago by FlameClawDaCat

I want to make some quick art and stuff, but I don’t have the motivation to do things on my own with my characters most of the time, I literally won’t draw for like weeks unless it’s art that I owe to someone. Anyway you can comment or message me to get a commission, you can get as many as you want. <3

Thinking of making a species

Posted 11 months, 27 days ago by FlameClawDaCat

So I already have sketches of it and pages of notes, and even an idea for an event to open it with. I am thinking about looking for mods or people to help with development, so if you are interested please let me know. I can also explain some lore and answer any questions so feel free to ask. Here is a reference: https://toyhou.se/14485763.random-art#47511130 sorry about the handwriting lol

Auth only

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by FlameClawDaCat

Hi! I’m going on authorize only for a while, let me know if you’d like to be authorized. As long as your someone I recognize/am subscribed to I’ll authorize you, just comment or DM me! <3

Character Purge!

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago by FlameClawDaCat

I have a lot of characters that I no longer want, so I thought I'd make a post to let people know.
I am accepting PayPal, points, art, or characters/customs. Here are the characters: https://toyhou.se/FlameClawDaCat/characters/folder:2240685?

Feel free to offer on anyone in the sales folder! <3