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Thank you so much for the bunbun! She's gone to a great home ⭐️❤️

super glad fo hear that!! ^__^ hope you enjoy them :3

are you taking ocs for art?

Hiya!! I can consider doing artwork for ocs yes :3 I am sometimes picky though eith the designs in question

you can look at anyone in my th other than hold! most likely wont trade mains in ocs folder!

So sorry for the late response ive been busy with uni stuff, i really liked and ! We can negotiate how much work i can do for the both of them if ur willing to let go of both ^__^ 

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Heya! Sorry for the bother, I just wanted to ask, would u take offers for them?

Hiya! I can definetly entertain offers on both of them yes ^__^ although im quite tentative on layla

Do you think u might like someone from my TH? U can ask for off limits!

very nice art! i love your style and its variety ^_^

Thank you for your kind words!! ^__^ rrly means alot to me <333

HELLO i love your designs and your art but i Must know is it a homestuck thing. like is it a homestuck reference

My username yes it definetly is 😳 but my artwork n stuff not at all rrly just a username that stuck around since my homestuck phase

Offering everyone in my TH for them !! Blue Bell, Bule, Tsunami, Nebula, Midori, Babydoll, Macci, Cottoncandy, Remmi, Starry night, Grey, Warriors OC folder and human folder is off-limits! 

Hello! Could you possibly change the permissions on this oc? I'm unable to trade her :''3

Tysm <333



aaaaa tysm for the raffle!!!

hey!! ur art is really good.

do you do art trades by chance ?:>

tysm 4 the compliment! <33 but sorry i dont do art trades at the moment, only super rarely with friends n mutuals :0

Holy hell man just wanted to say your art + designs absolutely SLAP :o)) keep it up cant wait to see more

TYSM!! <33 hehe :o)) , more bbs are on their way!

Heya i just want to thank you 👉👈💕❤

No problem!! Enjoy them :3!! <3 n have a nice day

Omg!!! I’ve never won anything before thank you for the cutie raffle🥰 

No problem!! Hope you enjoy them :3

*slams three dollars on the counter* I'll take these babies please.

I can do them all for $4 if thats alright? ^^ only because of fees :3


Alrighty ill msg you my paypal! Once sent theyre urs!! <3

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Thank you!! :33

Since you like Saki I’d also accept Auction- Lost! Or Estrelar especially. Estrelar is a huge dreamie

Hiya! If the current winner for Lost doesn't reply to me id be happy to trade them for saki! Sorry i forgot to reply for the offer of saki on the Ghosts auction since im waiting on a few offer responses

That’s ok! :0

Just lmk

Hiya! Are you interested in buying those two? If so i can sell nutmeg but someone else is also interested in buying velvet currently and if that falls through id be happy to let you know!

Im interested in purchasing both as soon as i get my paycheck

I can do that! If the other person doesnt get back to me about velvet by then ^^ But nutmeg for sure!

Hiya! Just letting you know that velvet has been bought but nutmeg is still available ^^

Heya sorry for late reply, im sorry but i dont think i might connect with nutmeg as i thought.

No worries! Thank you for your interest anyways <33