The Bifrost


Project Hex

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An 18+ storyline project I'm working on for 2023! Characters in this folder will be included in the storyline for Project Hex.


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A homebase planet that most of my characters originate from! This was my first personal worldbuilding project and although I don't spend alot of time fleshing out this planet anymore I like to keep it around to let some of my characters live there. Nixxid is a land of endless possibilities where there are clear cut class groups and hidden corruption in the federal government.


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A planet created by link textColonel. This is a vast world of swampy goodness and hidden wonders where characters can sign up to become rangers that explore and learn from the mysteries that surround Shantyland. Characters in this folder reside or spend most of their time on this planet and a few may even be rangers in training!

Star Fam

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A folder for my biggest dreamie and his puppies. These guys exist on their own and aren't necessarily attached to any specific world currently.