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Thank you for the favorite and the subscription to my story! :D

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for the nice claim and fave on Olivier! (I wasn't sure you'd see it if I just edited my post so-) I've actually never heard of Wodehouse before, but his work sounds quite interesting, I'll look this up! 

Anyways, keep up the good work! I hope we'll meet again on the forums soon! (:

no problem! im glad it pleased you. olivier was a dear. sorry i didn't talk too much about his design, but i couldn't find much to say, hehe. unless you're a real beginner i think most people's designs look alright and it's really up to personal preferences if you just like it or adore it. that's not to undermine your efforts of course.

if you're interested in wodehouse there are audiobooks on youtube and some pdfs online. otherwise you can buy some from amazon that are pretty cheap if you nose around. the best place to start i think is code of the woosters or leave it to psmith. hope you have fun with it :D

Ooh don't worry about it! I was a bit surprised at first (especially since I plan to slightly revamp his bio... hopefully it will focus on a bit more things than his depressive side c:), but that's understandable! I always find it a bit hard to judge an OC's design alone anyways haha, I always take at least a quick look at the bio to understand their core concept! :"D

Thanks again for the recommendations! I have one or two books I want to finish reading before, but I'm eager to see what it's like! ~

Hey, I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your art style and characters, I love itttt