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Ah no, sorry!  He was a gift, so I'll be keeping him :)

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Thank you for the subscription! <3

back at you! :)

Thank you! <3

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Yo, I noticed you fav'd Tuwa... I haven't really done anything with her since I got her, and I don't want her to just sit and rot in my tert folder. Would you be at all interested..?

She's adorable! How much would you be asking? :)

I paid $4 for her, so that would be enough? c:

sure! Let me know where to send things :)

Hmm. Is there a PM system for this website? I'd feel more comfortable giving my email via that than profile comments c:

There is. :) I'll note you!

Hey there!

I'm sending this invitation to all Koltherian Owners on, in hopes that you guys will join the official K-Comm world on Toyhouse. You can submit your characters to the world so they're easier to keep track of (which would be super-duper nice since I'm planning on doing some cool stuff for you guys here on Toyhouse!)

Thank you for your time!

All joined! :)

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