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You have so many cool characters you've thought out! Html is so pretty easy to navigate and read too. Keep doin what u love~ Hope you have a good day!

Oh my, thank you a lot for such a nice comment! There's still a lot of characters to be added in the future actually, hehe. Right now I'm just a bit too busy with work. Hope you have a nice day as well!

Heya!!! I have two semi-normal questions?

1 - I really like this coding thing that keeps linking it back to you? But I'm unable to find the actual coding for this, if it's even for non-premium members? ^^; This thing:

2 - Do you have any spare invite codes atm? I have a friend who's looking to join TH :3

Oh yeah, that's from my coding account. I did a few HTML ones a long time ago. The one you are looking for is thisΒ one. Though you need to replace all the images as the imageprovider I used changed urls in the meantime and I didn't really came around in changing those(essencially you need to just change the ".org" into ".cc" in each link).

I do have invite comes at the moment though it's always better to PM me to ask as I don't want to post them in public as anyone can snatch the code before you might check your notifications!

Hi! I was wondering if you had any spare codes. And also, how did you get the colours and the layout of the buttons on the side and the comments like that?

Hi, sorry for the late reply I was gone for a while for private reasons. Do you still want a code? Also, I changed things on my profile with CSS which is available if you are a premium user!

It's okay! I'm afraid I got the code, but thank you anyways! <3

god bless what a beautiful potato omg

Haha, thank you. getting watered everyday!

1: I love your profile it's so pretty!! The background of it is so nice tbh,,,

2: I hope I don't have the wrong person but I'm one of the people who was able to join this site because of the codes you gave to the people running a invitation code thread on Flight Rising (JamesEatsPlaydoh and Nonstop are their names on here I think) so I wanted to thank you for that!! I don't know if I got a code you specifically gave or if it was from the other person who gifted some, but I wanted to thank you nonetheless! I've really wanted to join this site and would have had to wait quite a bit longer before I could if not for your generosity. :>

Anyway sorry for a bit of rambling and I hope I didn't bother you!!

OMG thank you! I'm glad people actually enjoy my profile design, haha!

And you're welcome! I always like to give out my codes and as they kept piling up I thought this was a good way to give them out fairly quickly to those who want them. You're not bothering me at all, heh. By the way, if you want to check out who invited a User you can just check it in the Stats(which are located in the sidebar of every profile).

Hope you have a great stay here!

this profile is gorgeous omg

Ahhh thank you!

i love your designs and and art!! i also love all of the jojo references!!! c: (i'm a big jojo fan!)

OMG thank you!! (I love jojo too, hoho)

DUDE thanks for the gijinka design from the thread...i love him omg :'D

I'm glad you like him! I always worry when I do something blind the other party doesn't like it since I tend to go with what I think is cool xD But good to know you like him as well!

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you're welcome!

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*sticks leggy up real far* IKR


WINKS πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘