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Heya!!! I have two semi-normal questions?

1 - I really like this coding thing that keeps linking it back to you? But I'm unable to find the actual coding for this, if it's even for non-premium members? ^^; This thing:

2 - Do you have any spare invite codes atm? I have a friend who's looking to join TH :3

Oh yeah, that's from my coding account. I did a few HTML ones a long time ago. The one you are looking for is thisĀ one. Though you need to replace all the images as the imageprovider I used changed urls in the meantime and I didn't really came around in changing those(essencially you need to just change the ".org" into ".cc" in each link).

I do have invite comes at the moment though it's always better to PM me to ask as I don't want to post them in public as anyone can snatch the code before you might check your notifications!