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Seeing your metal king slime profile pic fills me with such a visceral, happy emotion I can't describe--BLOBBY BIG BOI EXPERIENCE POINTS

Ayyyy! I'm glad! I love me some DQ slimes! Especially the kings lol. I had a normal slime one since I first joined up here and figured it was time to EVOLVE!!!!

Yes it's perfect! DQ brings back so many good memories. I've only ever played DQ IX (one of my favorite games ever though)! T o T

aaaa Thank you so much for subscribing! ;3; <3<3

No problem! Your art, designs, and characters are-!   

Hearing that means a lot to me! Thank you so much ;o;
You have really awesome character too~

Ty for the favorite on Tive uwu!

Np! He's a lovely fish-man! :D

Ahhh thank you for subscribing ;3; <3

No problem, your characters are cool! And we both like a lot of the same games lol.

Thank you so much! Maybe one day I'll actually have them all posted lmao. such a far away dream lol Oh, that's cool! I did notice the Dragon Age OCs, which is super awesome. :D

Thank you so much for the fav on my sarcastic Dem-boy :"D

Np, he's a cutie! :D

I'm here to thank MArkus for wanting to smash my robot.   (finally *I gasp in desperation* someone wants to smash Soul)

What can I say? He's an attractive robo man and Markus isn't one to judge lol.

ur pfp is top notch

Thanks lol