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♡Small Warning♡

♡This is just a smaller type of warning nothing serious♡


♡Make art of my characters

♡Ask about commissions and art trades, dms on TH is okay

♡Add to dreamie/favorite folders, I don't mind as long as you don't offer on any character of mine

♡Checkout my friends, they're linked on my profile, they have great art


♡Please don't offer on any of my characters, all of them were gifts from friends so they're very dear to me

♡Please don't draw NSFW art of my characters regardless of their age

♡Please don't steal any of my characters' designs

♡Please don't trace my art

♡Please don't claim or repost my art as your own

♡Please don't write my charcters into a story without my permission

♡Content warning♡

♡No warnings



♡Thank you for reading♡

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