Three Pine Range

Three Pine Range

A place for all creatures

Time Period Medieval Times
Location Grandola Forest
Workers 1
Horses 11
Camels 1
Animal content
Animal content
Animal content
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A man and his horses

Within the expanse of Grandola forest, a woodland in between the royal city and the small village of Calend, folks tend to find a man riding around on the beaten and worn out trail between the two. Most times, he's harmless. In fact, most times he tends to try and help others get to where they need to be. However, if he just so happens to find out someone of royal descent is crossing his forest, watch out! For this man is more than willing to take and steal from the richer sectors for his own, mostly personal, gain. They seem like they're better off, anyways, so he's more than willing to take from them and, in turn, often gives to others. Those that get to know this highwayman, of sorts, will ultimately find that he doesn't particularly have a good stance when it comes to the richer folk and royals in general... so he likes to think of it as 'compensation' for all he's gone through. However, despite this spontaneous chunk of income, he still needs to make some regular income, so he's resorted to creating a proper barn and stable.

Despite having labeled himself owner of the barn, Blackavar is actually just using the land his mistress owns, but she doesn't seem to mind. After living with her for some time, he fixed up the barn and ultimately began collecting horses. He's always loved horses and enjoys training them, mostly for knights who would rather not train their horses themselves. While he does do this on the side, Three Pine Range is mainly his own personal collection of horses and other various animals he loves and holds dear. No one quite knows just how he can manage to keep all these animals under one roof. Despite this, his horses are known for their intense loyalty and amazing training. One is guaranteed a horse that will listen to the 'T', so long as it is treated properly.

He does occasionally breed horses and, when selling one, is guaranteed to have been trained before leaving his care. He also has a habit of collecting horses that come from poor or inadequate homes, giving them a place that is much more peaceful and caring than the places before. He finds time to train most, if not all, of his horses, due to his current job description and how slow things have been going, and he tries to get most of his horses out and running as often as he can. Recently, he's gotten into showing his horses, and hopes to manage his creatures well concerning that area.

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