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some of my characters may include sensitive subjects, let me know if you want additional warnings included for certain characters

  • Trauma, manipulation
  • Parental death, death and murder in general
  • Scars/injuries
  • Ghosts and other horror elements
  • Basic DNI stuff (homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc)
  • Proship/anti-anti or whatever
  • Tootpaste flag user
  • I'll just block if I see it in ur pfp, revokable
  • Mspec lesbian supporter
  • Against neopronouns/xenogenders
  • Nsfw acc / acc contains heavily suggestive themes
  • Okay if some characters include if given proper warnings
  • Panathens [Permanent.]
  • Harassment of minors + exposing minors to nsfw/fetish

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