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some of my characters may include sensitive subjects, let me know if you want additional warnings included for certain characters

  • Trauma, manipulation
  • Parental death, death and murder in general
  • Scars/injuries
  • Ghosts and other horror elements

characters with warnings on their profile will not have such warnings on their gallery images, so view my art gallery with caution! this is only if such themes are common enough that basically every single image of theirs would be spoilered

  • Basic DNI stuff (homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc)
  • Proship/anti-anti or whatever
  • Mspec lesbian supporter
  • Against neopronouns/xenogenders
  • Nsfw acc / acc contains heavily suggestive themes
  • Okay if some characters include if given proper warnings
  • Panathens [Permanent.]
  • Harassment of minors + exposing minors to nsfw/fetish

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