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Hello, there do u have insta?I tried the insta link but it didn't work

Oh yeah I do! Sorry I haven’t been able to link it yet. You can find me at nocte_draco on there :D

I messeged there but it's showing I can't dm unless u follow me😅

Oh.. well I did follow you so I don’t know why it’s not doing it. 

hiya ! a character you favorited [liam ; sc00ty] is now up for sale/offer/trade, im letting you know as im actively looking to get rid of this guy, so, feel free to offer on him, apologies if this comment seems to bug you at all, thank you ! <3

Hey! This Oc you favorited is now UFO! I’m more interested in usd rn, but I’d take characters by Citykings, EZMODE, Sabertoys, knite, and maybe the closed species constellations! Mixed offers are ok too <3

thank you for the fave! :3c

Thanks for the fav on Caspian ❤️❤️

No worries! He’s gorgeous just as the rest of your characters 💕

Daw bless you 😭😍❤️

Hey just wanted to let you know that I updated the code for the Hotel RP on discord! Sorry about it being expired   

That's okay! Thank you so Much and I will be sure to check it out

I've been able to join now Thank you!

Thanks for the favorite 

I really love your characters! You’re welcome sweet!

Ahh and the subscription as well ♡

Again not a problem! I look forward to seeing more of your characters.