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✧・゚: *✧・゚:* KO-FI COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

title speaks for itself~

a few things:

  • make sure you read my tos!
  • if you're not comfortable w/ ko-fi i can send a paypal invoice instead, just ask
  • I don't have good examples for some of the sketch options oops
  • i can try to have your piece done for the holidays but, uh. no promises
alright have at it

artfight artfight artfight!!!!

Posted 1 year, 4 months ago by Orion_Overdrive


i didn't realize it was so close (;´Д`)

will bump when i get my team!


Posted 2 years, 3 months ago by Orion_Overdrive

i'm doing artfight this year! i'm on the dream team babey ---> https://artfight.net/~Orion_Overdrive

changed my username!

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago by Orion_Overdrive

hey just letting ya'll know i changed my name from Knight_Clover to Orion_Overdrive and i'm changing it everywhere else too except dA and tumblr dA because i'm broke and tumblr cause i'm abandoning it anyway :^)

putting a small one up just in case :)

rp comfort meme!

Posted 3 years, 6 months ago by Orion_Overdrive

i wanna try rp-ing again, so i'm doing this juuuust in case...

this page will be a perpetual wip :P

A valuable meme for any role-player!

Come display your comfort levels so your role-play partners are aware of what they can do, and of what they should avoid! A healthy relationship between role-play partners is the key to a good time!

While this meme shows the basics, please remember to communicate with your role-play partners!

Role Play Basics

I am comfortable using these platforms:

  • Discord
  • Toyhouse

I am comfortable writing these genres:

  • Slice of life
  • Light sci-fi / fantasy
  • Romance (maybe???)

I am comfortable with this many people in an RP:

  • One on one.
  • Up to three people. (maybe)
  • Up to four people.
  • Five or more people!
  • As many as possible!

My posts are usually...

  • One or two sentences.
  • One or two paragraphs.
  • Two to five paragraphs.
  • More than five paragraphs.
  • A few pages worth.

I am comfortable role-playing with people who write...

  • One or two sentences.
  • One or two paragraphs.
  • Two to five paragraphs.
  • More than five paragraphs.
  • A few pages worth.

I like getting requests from...

  • Anyone and everyone at any time!
  • When I ask for role-plays.
  • From friends and acquaintances.
  • From friends only. 

Roleplay Pace

I reply within...

  • 3 days, usually.
  • 1 day, if I'm fast (lol I'm never fast).
  • A week, if I'm slow.
  • 2 weeks, if I'm busy.

I prefer that people reply...

  • Immediately.
  • Within 4 hours.
  • Within 12 hours.
  • Within 24 hours.
  • Within 3 days.
  • Within 1 week.
  • 8+ days.

I'm okay with getting reminders to reply to an RP...

  • 1 hour after the last post.
  • Within 6 hours of the last post.
  • Within 24 hours of the last post.
  • Within 3 days.
  • Within 7 days.

I tend to remind people to reply...

  • 1 hour after the last post.
  • Within 6 hours of the last post.
  • Within 24 hours of the last post.
  • Within 3 days.
  • Within 7 days.
The maximum number of RPs I have at a time is... I dunno, two or three? I'm bad at keeping up with stuff if it gets above that.

Romantic Relationships

** Important: Communication is the key to a real life relationship, it shouldn't be abandoned for a fictional one either! Be sure to talk to your partners when considering romance!

I am comfortable shipping my characters...

  • Never. 
  • Our characters know each other deeply.
  • Our characters know each other deeply, and I know I can trust the role-player.
  • At the first sign of flirting!
  • Only if the role-player and I plan it.
  • It depends on the character.

If you want to ship with my characters:

  • Talk to me about it from the start.
  • Talk to me about it once our characters know each other.
  • Talk to me about it once they both have some feelings for each other.
  • Talk to me about it when they finally decide that want to go beyond hugging.

When shipping my characters, I like the romance to happen:

  • Swift as lightening! 
  • Fast, but not super fast.
  • Happens in about three months.
  • Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Slugs know what's up!
  • My relationships know no speed. They happen if they happen.

When our characters gets intimate, I prefer:

  • To skip the act entirely.
  • To write the build up, but skip the act.
  • To write the act only if it is very special, but otherwise skip it.
  • To write the act all the way through.

When it comes to artwork depicting our relationship:

  • Do not post it at all without talking to me.
  • Post it if it is cuddles and hugs.
  • Post it if it is kisses.
  • Post it if it is much more. (tell me beforehand, though!)
  • Do not post it at all if it depicts sexual acts!
  • Do not post it where I can see it, but draw what you like!


** Important: Always be sure to communicate with your partner individually if you think you are about to go outside their comfort zones even just the slightest bit!!

When it comes to violent situations, I am comfortable with:

  • No violence at all!
  • I'm fine with verbal arguments!
  • Some violence, like a paper cut, or an accidental elbow to the face.
  • Mild violence, such as punching, kicking, hair pulling.
  • Violence, such as stabbings.
  • Beyond violence, such as torture and more.

If you are going to do something violent, please:

  • Don't do it at all.
  • Talk to me about it first.
  • Surprise me!

When it comes to dramatic artwork...

  • Do not post any dramatic scenes that that happened between our characters.
  • Talk to me about it before posting!
  • Post what you like!


  • All characters that are RP-ready (read: have completed profiles) will be under the "full profile" tag.
  • You can ask about other characters, though, but it'll be harder to get something going with them.
  • As of now, I'm more interested in casual headcanons than actual threads. I still might be up for a thread if I'm feeling it, though
  • I usually write ladies, and prefer F/F and M/F ships.
  • I am 100% a multishipper.
  • I reeeeeally don't do well with fandoms, so if you're looking for fandom RP I'm not the best partner for it ^^;