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Horror Detective LGBTQ+

Status: On hiatus while being rewritten

Detective Jun Nakamura falls into a game of cat and mouse as she investigates a series of seemingly unsolvable murders. As things escalate, it looks like the killer has it in for her personally. Through differing persepectives, watch the case unfold as Jun's life falls apart, or perhaps you'd prefer the school-wide panic of students stemming for a serial killer in their midst.

Myrefall Hearts

Fantasy Adventure LGBTQ+

Status: In Development

Blythe is an idealistic young divination witch who just opened her new matchmaking service. When a strange new dating app arises, she realizes it's much more than some rival competition as the residents of Myrefall begin acting strangely. With the help of her demon girlfriend, upbeat bestie, and experienced older sister, Blythe is determined to get to the bottom of things and give her budding business a chance no matter what.

Inking Venus cover_by_phidont_dew38qn-pre.jpg?token=e

Slice of Life Romance LGBTQ+

Status: in Development

Slice of Life comic taking place in modern day New York City. Lotus is living her best life, and has no issue roping the local florist Venus into it with her, helping the wallflower properly blossom. Get to know Lotus' best friends, Cass and Ai, through brunches and gossip, watch her thrive in a career she's passionate about, tattooing, and fall in love with the reserved florist girl with an edge.

New Romantic Sailors

Sci-fi Slice of Life LGBTQ+

Status: In Development

The year is 2240, and with the help of an altruistic alien race, the people of Earth have developed far beyond their initial potential. It's now a cyberpunk hub for aliens races across the galaxy to intersect. This story follows Akira, a communications officer for a well known "humanitarian" effort and it's ship, as she experiences adventure after adventure in space. At her side is her girlfriend Cheyenne, well-respected pilot, eager to get her hands dirty on various missions.

Dreamlands dreamlands_cover_by_phidont_deyhfs5-pre.

Fantasy Adventure RPG

Status: In Development

Evelyn, ALice, and Nadja, among many others, are granted the ability to access the Dream World. Unlikely friends born out of a need to protect themselves from an increasingly hostile takeover of their dreams. Each Dreamer with their own Domain under threat, and a Dreamwalker to bring them strength.

Lavender & Lies ll_cover_by_phidont_deyhfyc-pre.jpg?toke

Mystery Visual Novel LGBTQ+

Status: In Development

Planned visual novel taking place in 1976 England following Kody, her best friend Daphne, and little sister Li Mei as they try to uncover the truth behind the death of Lunette Sallow, the friendly ghost haunting their house. A point-and-click mystery to solve, and ameture teen slueths to solve it. Your choices will determine the outcome and the relationships around Kody.