Myrefall Hearts


Myrefall is a small beach town with a strong sense of community. Most of it's inhabitants are witches, more so of the pure and human kind. The famed beach brings in lots of summer tourism, as well as year round visits from salt water mermaids. Despite it's small population, Myrefall is a homey town, great for getting to know other witches.


Blythe Fowler

22 . She/Her . Divination

Blythe loves love, and wants to do everything she can to bring it to the people around her.


Blaire Delvaux

Unknown . She/Her . Blacthorne

Accidentally summoned by Blythe, Blaire finds herself stuck on Evralon.


Pandora Underwood

22 . She/Her . Kitchen

Pandora runs the most popular place in town: Pandora's Box! Part bakery, part café.


Mara Underwood

24 . She/Her . Necromancy

Mara keeps to herself, spending her time tending to the Cemetery or hiding out in the library.


Firnhollow is a small mountain town primarily populated by ice witches. Though difficult for others to endure the harsh temperatures year-long, it sees a great deal of visitors especially in the warmer months.


Étoile Fowler

24 . She/Her . Ice

Living far outside of Myrefall, Blythe's big sister Étoile is a skilled witch using her magic for icesmithing.


Juniper Riley

21 . She/Her . Ice

Juniper is an ice witch in Firnhollow best know for her family's inn, and her special cocoa that's to die for.