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New CSS- Subtle V2

Posted 10 days, 16 hours ago by Pinky

New CSS bundle, Subtle V2
This is a re-code of my old Subtle layout; normally when I re-make layouts I change the name to avoid confusion but for this bundle the main inspiration was using a subtle pattern so I couldn't think of another name LOL

If you already owned subtle v1 on itchio it should automatically let you buy V2 at half off (o o)d

I think this will probs be my last new release for a while.... got a lot going on irl and I got another promotion at my job ! but not much time for TH now a days. I know my job dies around xmas time when everyone goes on vacation so I suspect I will become more active around then LOL until then consider me on hiatus. I will still be around to check PMs/ask box since those things I can do on my phone and they don't take long, but not much time for working on layouts rn u.u
When I do have time I'm gonna try to focus on doing some new collabs, I can do those faster and there are so many I wanna do... that should keep me occupied

& that is all I got for now. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend !

Gradient Fix

Posted 19 days, 6 hours ago by Pinky

My gradient bundle, the user tabs HTML
had a small bug if you set the corners to rounded the header would break a little... i've fixed this!
to get the fix you'll need to update the HTML, I have uploaded the new HTML to itchio

Lil update for Frayed

Posted 22 days, 6 hours ago by Pinky

Frayed got a new character HTML, "Mood"
i also added "extensive" to it a couple of weeks ago. She coming along (◕ᴗ◕✿)

Image Revamp

Posted 29 days, 23 hours ago by Pinky

Updated one of my older Freebies, Image:

& I made a slightly upgraded version for the bargain bin:
(if you already own the bargain bin, i've updated the file on ko-fi)

& If you're really feeling it, it has a tabbed and collapse version for sale in my Visual Pack:

& that's all I got for now!

Little Flatly Update

Posted 1 month, 2 days ago by Pinky

Updated Flatly CSS:
with new HTML, "Flash"
I was hoping to have another HTML done this week but something happened that has caused my work to come to a halt... but ya know a little something is better than nothing

& That's all I got, hope everyone has a nice weekend !

End of Weekend recap

Posted 1 month, 7 days ago by Pinky

So I really didnt get... anything done this weekend LOL i was hoping to get out 1 - 2 more HTML additions to existing bundles but alas, wasn't in the cards for me

So here's some promo/reminder for newer releases I've had...

New HTML Bundle, Easy:
New HTML template, Switch:
New HTML in Bargain Bin, Cover:

New Premium Bundle, Flatly:
Added New HTML to Frayed Bundle:
Added new to HTML to Empty Profile:
Uploaded a "retired" shop with some of my old code on ko-fi, for those that be looking for it:

& that's all I got! Updates for Frayed & Flatly are next in my queue... when i can get to it...
Hope everyone had a nice weekend ;u;/

New Bundle - Flatly

Posted 1 month, 13 days ago by Pinky

New premium bundle, Flatly:
granted she does well I do have a little more HTML planned for her... particularly a "collapse" and a "stacked" style HTML... once we have a little rest

Revamp of a very, very old CSS that I've been meaning to do for ages LOL as the name suggests it's meant to have more of a "flat" look... most of bundles are very "box on a background pattern" style so this one is made so you can have the content sit directly on the page
(Just a heads up this one has a lot of customization options so it is not recommended if you've never worked with my CSS before... I strongly suggest working with my freebies and my simpler CSS (like Clean and Basics) before moving on to this more customizeable ones)

& that is all I got for now, hope everyone has a nice weekend ;u;/

Card CSS Update

Posted 1 month, 22 days ago by Pinky

Updated Card bundle:
Added in a new character HTML, "Tabs"
This layout actually had a tabs that was perfectly fine i was just... tired of the old design... so i renamed the old one to "buttons" it's still around for anyone who prefers the old version

And a little promo I had some new HTML these past weeks
Easy Pack:

& I got a question about character credits today and another one a couple of weeks ago, so just a reminder all the characters used in my templates can be found here:
Bee is my personal account, the others are owned by friends who gave me permission to use them!

General reminders FAQ is here:
CSS Bundle Guide here:
& ask box is here:

& that's all I got for now! I dont think I'll really have anything else for the month of June but hopefully we can get something done in July. I have some new CSS bundles I would like to work on + I have not been able to finish a coding quarters challenge in months so here's hoping next month is my time !
Hope everyone is having a nice weekend ;u;/

Empty CSS Update

Posted 2 months, 1 day ago by Pinky

A very small update but I've added an extra HTML to my Empty CSS:
as the CSS name suggests, Empty is meant to be a very small/empty profile LOL but this one gives you a little more space to write

Reminder I am not updating my old gumroad store so if you need updated files you'll have to your access transferred to itchio; PM me you gumroad purchase e-mail address for a transfer request. Please be aware it can take me 3 - 5 days to respond, I usually let them stack up and do them all together once or twice a week
The transfer is just to get new files if you want them, your current files will always be accessible on gumroad

Weekend Recap

Posted 2 months, 5 days ago by Pinky

Not too much happening...

Released a new paid HTML, Easy:
it's a small pack of simple layouts, I have a few more planned for it... in time...

I added a new HTML to the bargain bin:
it's a theme colored version of one of the HTML in easy so like.. if you dont want custom colors, this is there LOL

A reminder this weekend i'll be retiring
A Lot:

I had planned to have some new CSS out this weekend but alas... it is not happening, so hopefully I'll have it done by next weekend!

I have a raffle going on for shop customers here:
it ends tomorrow if you wanna enter!

I have an ask box, if you got any questions feel free to ask there

& that's it ! I was pretty busy this week and i got sick (if you follow my bulletins you may have noticed... I often talk about getting sick cuz i keep getting sick ?! it is extremely annoying) so I didnt do much but work my full time job and sleep LOL

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend ;u;/