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Extended Zodiac Usage Poll

Posted 4 months, 15 days ago by PopoMerrygamz

Do you use the EZ trolls?

3 Votes I have used the EZ trolls in a project/made art of them
1 Votes I do not plan on ever using the EZ trolls
15 Votes I use the EZ trolls for inspiration
9 Votes I want to use the EZ trolls for a project, but I don't have anything I can use them for
11 Votes I just like looking at the EZ trolls
0 Votes Other (Write in comments)

I'm curious as to how people like the EZ trolls, as I've gotten the idea to make at minimum 48 more trolls for the project based on fan aspects.

Hit me up for free fantrolls to replace the stolen trolls. I'm currently working on a large series of commissions, but I will be glad to make new trolls for the scammed.