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Please read me

Please read character profile warnings before reading about characters. My characters are not representative of my true beliefs. I do not condone violence, harm, etc in any form in a real life setting. I will never encourage abuse and such in anybody. Warn me if I've found myself misinterpreting any illness, condition, concept or etc. I do my best to research before applying traits to characters, but if it comes across I have not researched enough do tell, I do not bite and am open to changes as I would like to represent everything I portray the best I can and I would never wish to be disrespectful.

Do not
  • Draw or write about my ocs in hurtful, hateful, rude or gross situations.
  • Trace my art or heavily reference my characters.
  • Repost my work or pass of my own work or characters as your own.
  • I will not condone homo/transphobia, racism, proshipping, or any other kind of hate on any of my pages.
Content Warnings
  • Possible Body Horror
  • Inclusions of Dirty + Dark Humor
  • Gore + Violence, occasional profanity
  • Mentions of Sensitive Topics - ex abuse, suicide, death and other dark things.

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