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Hiiieee I'm Rara :) Updating my warnings page because the old one was getting boring to me LOLOL... I'm an artist (of course) and I draw my silly little guys all the time and this is the place I store them. Please check them out!!! They are silly!!!


  • I use tone tags! I don't need them to be used for myself, but I use them for others just in case. If you do not need them just LMK!
  • I redo my oc codes all the time since I like to play around with bios n stuff.. So my codes change all the time LOL
  • My DMS are open if you need anything :) I am a little awkward and may talk strange but I'm here to chat about most things. Just don't message with 'hi', I won't respond.
  • I'm also present on Instagram, Twitter, Artfight and even Artfol, so if you'd like to check me out there that's so swag


  • Draw my characters or ask me about my ocs/stories! I appreciate any art I may get and I love to talk about them and will happily chat.
  • Ask me about art trades, commissions and collabs. I usually say yes to anything besides requests and will be more than pleased to work with you.
  • Tell me about your own characters and stories! I love to hear about what others create.
  • BE SWAG!!!!


  • Draw or write about my ocs in hurtful, hateful, rude or gross situations.
  • Trace my art or steal and use/heavily reference my characters. Please do not kin or roleplay my characters either.
  • Repost my work or pass of my own work or characters as your own.
  • Offer on my characters who are not explicitly stated to be for sale.

Please read character profile warnings before reading about characters. My characters can be extremely dark for writing purposes, however they are not representative of my true beliefs. I do not condone violence, harm, etc in any form in a real life setting. I will never encourage abuse and such in anybody. Warn me if I've found myself misinterpreting any illness, condition, concept or etc. I do my best to research before applying traits to characters, but if it comes across I have not researched enough do tell, I do not bite and am open to changes as I would like to represent everything I portray the best I can and I would never wish to be disrespectful.


  • Possible Body Horror. There are a lot of monster-y/alien-y characters on this profile and they may contain body horror.
  • Inclusions of Dirty + Dark Humor. Dirty and/or dark jokes as well as profanity are present in many characters.
  • Gore + Violence. There may not be too many image depictions of gore, but there are mentions of gore and other bloody topics. All images will be tagged if they contain blood or gore.
  • Mentions of Sensitive Topics - ex abuse, suicide, death and other dark things. A large majority of my characters are tragic and have dark backstories. These characters will all have warnings specific to the content present in their backgrounds!


  • You romanticize or create any content relating to proship/comship, loli, shotacon, p*dophilia, zo*philia, and romanticization of toxic ideologies, such as abusive relationships and in*est. Including dark content in character writing and lore is not inherently bad when done correctly, but if you are doing so for the sole purpose of romanticization (or just being a sick fuck, to put it lightly) please do not communicate with me.
  • You hold homophobic, transphobic, racist, ableist, xenophobic and/or other dehumanizing beliefs. I want this account to be a safe space for people from all backgrounds, and I will not tolerate any discriminatory personalities.
  • You do not wish to see dark content. This account contains dark content, themes and descriptions and if that makes you uncomfortable please either do not interact or read the warnings placed on characters! I make sure to tag those I feel may contain darker content, even if it's in the future.
  • You are into NFTS, ""Ai Art"", and cryptocurrency.
  • You are a little or you are in the ageplay community. If you age regress for genuine reason and not just for fun, please only communicate when you are not in a state of regression. If you age regress just for fun, DNI. If you are in a CGL, DNI.

Blacklist is currently - empty. Users who may appear on this list in the future are here for disrespecting my DNI or making me overall uncomfortable. I'm not quick to blacklist people so don't worry about ending up here if you may say something strange, this list is solely for those I feel are just bad people.


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