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A world that was once two worlds, combined into one via an accident with a dimensional gate and a supernaturally fast hedgehog. The worlds were merged together in a piecemeal fashion, Earth and Mobius being recombined into a bizarre new planet in the wake of the gate's destruction. The world was thrown into upheaval for a decade or so, but now it's settling back into its pre-merge, extended Cold War state as new alliances are forged between human and mobian nations. The story largely focuses on OCs as they navigate the new order, with the eternal battle between hedgehog and egg being set dressing.

Sonic AU Sci-fi Alternate History

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Terra is a world that barely survived a frame-spanning apocalypse, a mishmash of two distinct worlds forced into one during the Collision. Two very different groups of people now inhabit the combined universe, trying to live their lives even as ripples of destruction and rifts into the endless void plague the planet. Society has largely moved into underground cities for safety, maintaining contact with each other across the globe via the Trawl-- an internet run by sentient MIDAI servers-- and struggling to meet the needs of its still-growing population. A large corporation runs many of the necessities, sending their Eclipse goons into other worlds to steal resources, while the loosely-affiliated Rationale do their best to study the rifts and repair the damage.

Sci-fi Cyberpunk Anthro Original Setting

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A collection of characters based on various petsite species.

Neopets Subeta

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Characters that don't have specific settings or are one-offs or fan related.

Anthro Quad Human Monster

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