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AHHH OMG! Thank you so much for the art of party poison its so cute :,o

I am glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for the Zey art! 

And yeah.. I always end up going way over in the 5 minute game too xD 

Agh! I adore ur art! Maybe we can do an art trade?

Sure! Dm me what you would like to do.

Thank you so much for favoriting my girl <3

Thanks for faving my Pokesona, I appreciate it greatly <3

Have a good weekend!

Thanks so much for the art of Slammer I love it :D

also the drawing on your profile is amazing :O

I am sorry it took me so long to get it to you.  To be honest I had forgotten so thank you for sending the reminder.

Don't worry thanks for responding and getting it done for me :D xxx

Thanks for the art for fangs!

it's beautiful ^w^

No problem! They are a nice looking character! The moment I saw them I needed to draw them.

yikes. we plopped down for a nap and wake up to the kin thread being gone o: what'd we miss?

Someone mentioned something about DID and worded it wrong and offended someone. They clarified what they meant but the person just flipped. I guess that was the reason it got removed?

oh, yikes :c yeah, these things can be a rather touchy subject. in our experience, threads related to alterhumanity often get shut down in non-alterhuman spaces- a lot of folks like to come in to hassle members of the community (or just ask honest questions that then get interpreted poorly), and even within the community, there's such a wide range of experiences and misinformation that oft cause tempers to fly. in most places, mods/admins have little interest in keeping such a volatile thread around, and fair enough tbh. alterhuman/kin drama is a rough one to deal with, especially if you've little/no experience with the community.

but, we're still around to talk if you ever need it c: feel up to sharing your thoughts on the last post we'd made on the thread?

Yes of course. Although I'd prefer if you pmed me.

Thank you for the favorite! :D

i love fig 


Omg that is the greatest thing ever.

Fig loves you to

im so happy (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

Hey, I saw what you said about me in the forums! Thanks a bunch for the kind words, it really means a lot <3

Of course! When I see someone doing a good job I gotta call it out!

Thanks for the favorite 

AAA thank you for the art of my TV gal with your glitchy boi!

Looks like they’re getting along so well! Even though Espe looks a little glitchy there XD

Ahah Yeahhh Glitch messes up electronics that are near him automatically. So now they can be a glitch fest together!

Aaa that’s so cool! XD

Ahh! Thank you so much for the art of Peppershade! I love it!

No problem! I did it because of this game!

<3 It’s so kind of you to do that! 

Sorry about the like bomb.

Edit: Just saw your message, do you want me to edit with only one favourite or would you like me to keep it as it is?

I am drowning in likes halp

What type of critter is she? Am curious

I made them a very long time ago but I think I intended them to be a hellhound of sorts.  Defiantly some type of canine.

:3 YAY!!!!! PUPPER!!!! (Don’t mind me excited like a 3 year old over here)

I am glad you like them. I never would have used them for anything

I gave them pretty good tags XD 

Yeee! Will use!

AAA the drawing of Adderstreak was beautiful owo!!!

Thank you!

I wasn't very happy with it so I am happy you enjoyed it anyway!

Hello! Thanks for drawing Espe! <3

No problem! They are very cute and it was fun to draw them!

Thank you for the favorite! ^^

You've got pretty characters, in particular Inkstone~!

Awww thank you! <3

Would you consider trade offers o n this babe?

Ehh... maybe.
I quite like them so it would be pretty hard to find something I will be willing to trade them for but you can show me what you have anyway.

I can do multiples from my sale/trade folder!