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Hiatus?? Would you even call it that?

Posted 8 days, 16 hours ago by SPACELAND

HI!! It's meeee I just wanted to like. IG spill my heart on a page for a bit but I can put it in a TLDR real quick:

I want to try something else. Something new, I wouldn't call it a break or that I'm looking to leave, I'll still be here. But I'm not sure on staying in the spaces I'm currently in.

Like obviously a decent chunk of my business is via art and adopt sales. That's fine. But Something... I feel like I want to focus on my personal projects and having other online connections and buddies more than participating in species and those kinds of communities...Would save me a lot of money, too. I'm not sure if I'll be purging characters, I might just let them lie. I don't know yet. I think it'd be a step in a direction of self improvement. 

So um. If you want to see my mega cringe writing and stuff, cool! But I'm going to just be distant, I think. Might leave a bunch of discords I'm in, less to compulsively read... Join new ones instead, who knows... You don't need to check in on me, I'm fine. :3

As for artfight, I'm still gonna try to get back to people but gahhhh im such low energy. It is how it is...

That's all!!! For anyone who might wonder where I went or how I'm doing. See you around... :3


Posted 17 days, 21 hours ago by SPACELAND


i havent picked out my featured guys yet bc i have a guy waiting for cs group approval i need to upload yet but everyone uploaded is loved. HOWEVER if you see my new guy up there when he's ready he has the biggest target on his back and I will be more likely to hit you back... No guarantees though! I play for fun and often take it slow. I am more likely to attack you back also if you hit me early on bc that's when i have the most energy :3

My aero pride flag buttons :]c

Posted 28 days, 13 hours ago by SPACELAND

HI!! If you have image notifs on for me you're probably familiar with these ( (sorry)

I've sprinkled them about my character profiles for the most part as intended! I plan to stick tooltipsters on them sometime soon also since not everyone knows what every flag means. I'd also love to see if anyone else ended up using them ... That's all :]c

Artfight teams!

Posted 1 month, 3 days ago by SPACELAND

Seafoam or Stardust?

54 Votes Team Seafoam!
80 Votes Team Stardust!

Hellaur I will be going Team Stardust! my profile is here as well :3


Posted 1 month, 8 days ago by SPACELAND


7 Votes YAYY
99 Votes YAAAYYY


I'm 21 now (smiles)

Sales bamp + interest check

Posted 1 month, 12 days ago by SPACELAND


41 Votes Yeees a gacha adopt batch would be fun
5 Votes Naur gambling on a random chance is bad -attacks you-

Hi!! Cutting straight to the point for the "interest check" thing, I'm thinking of making a small gacha adopt batch of like. 10 designs. All of them would be on a small base and rolls would be like. 25 dollars with an AB option for a specific design, no reroll. Leftover designs would later open up for non roll offers. If that inchrests you, you may vote in the poll. Otherwise I'll think about other stuff i wanna do / try out

As for sales. Hi :] Kinda just clearing stuff out. You can haggle but it's not guaranteed I'll accept or consider prices below what's listed... You can sniff around my acc but the other stuff i either cant sell, won't sell, or it isn't mine GHBFNJK - 20 obo
Pending - purchased for 80 - Base value 30 obo...... i like him but he is a pain in the ASS to draw (as seen by the non rendered ref Pending - base value of 30 obo offer whatever but I'm not looking to really sell him rn because i like Just made him BGDHJND

Some artfight questions and thangs

Posted 1 month, 17 days ago by SPACELAND


71 Votes YAA
5 Votes naur

Hiii I have thoughts and ponderances about artfight... As july gets closer I'm arranging my character assortment for the year and figured I would ask who you, the dear viewer, would like to see up there... all of the contenders are in this directory

and you can find me here also

I also am wondering if I wanna make a hitlist form this year ... even though i only do like 8 attacks a year OTL

Notice about pending adopts!!

Posted 1 month, 22 days ago by SPACELAND

Hiii I'm just letting you all know if you have an adopt from me pending for you especially for a prolonged period of time / past the original due date I was given I will be moving them to my alt WARPZONE . this is so that if someone ghosts me I wont have it sitting in my pending folder forever and have to stare at it. That's all!!


Posted 1 month, 26 days ago by SPACELAND


People have been getting awfully bold lately with this shit and it's just like. Stop. go away. stop being weird about animals and other things like that. ok. fuck. If you're Normal you may stay. I don't really do DNIs asides from the basics, and this is in fact in the basics. Boundaries go both ways. Reminder over. Heart emoji

Character sales? :]c

Posted 2 months, 9 hours ago by SPACELAND

Hiii I have guys for spring cleaning + acquiring money to afford burrito. you may peruse the wares maybe. Not rlly looking for trades unless i've tried to get a character from you before. Characters without values listed are tentatively pwyw but my base design price is always 30 usd. I might not choose to sell a character and I don't rlly owe an explanation why ok. mwamwa

You can start bid chains if you want (only on guys i have designed) but be civil and normal etc ect