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I am! ^u^

If you were interested in ordering one, feel free to send me a private message with what type of views you had in mind! (Ex. Frontal, outfit, back view, Chibis, etc.) πŸ’–

Hello! I was wondering if your customs are open and/or if you accept characters/dainties or other cs as a trade?Β 
and if you take payment plans for customs + if you had a discord server ?Β 
also if you have a base shop or have bases available ?Β 


My customs are currently open yes!

If paid in payment plan I usually ask that atleast $200 USD be paid upfront and the rest be paid off within a month of when you ordered your commission πŸ’–

I don't accept trades at the moment since commissions are my priority at the moment or full money payments, and I also do have a discord server (engagement is not necessary, so lurking is totally ok, I don't mind. If you'd like I can send you an invite through private message)

Also I sadly don't make bases or sell any bases, so sorry! πŸ’–

I'm interested in the discord !Β 

I see, thanks for the information; I'm highly interested in commissioning you ! :3c

But aw okay! If you ever do bases I'd love to buy them omg //cri

Hihi! Was wondering if and when your customs are open and if I can contact you on discord if open? πŸ’—


Yes my commissions are open!

You're totally free to message me on discord whenever you'd like regarding that!

Did you want me to send you my discord through a private message, or did you already have access to it? :3

Id need a pm with your user please !

And sent! ^u^d

Hi, can you put me.on your waitlist if I don't have a discord? I really would love a custom from you but don't have discord.

Yeah I don't mind at all!

I'm actually open for customs at the moment, so if you're ready, I don't mind taking your request! ^o^ πŸ’–

If you're ready, I can send you a private message with a form to fill out with your details ^u^ if not then I can still put you on my wait-list πŸ’–

Ooo okay, send me the form!

Just wanted to message you to check in to see if you still wanted your commission slot, if not that way i can take you down from my current queue and just put you on my waitlist for when i open next time

Oh so sorry I got distracted making plans. Can you give me a form for front + back then put me on the waitlist for 2 outfits ? :)

Yeah can do!
I'll send you the form now <3

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My designs are considered to be NSFW. Even if it's just artistic nudity. I will only accept commissions from folks who are 18 and over. But if you get a character designs I've made through trade with someone, the character must be SFW in their entirety for you to own them. If the ref or art has any of the bits showing, then that is considered NSFW and can not be owned by a minor πŸ’–

Hi Sin, I wasn't sure if you respond back to messages but I just bought this babe and it looks like the original ref was deleted and the only one the owner seems to have is extremely pixelated. Would you happen to still have a good copy of the ref? If not, I understand but thought I would ask since you might have kept a copy!


Yeah I do have the original ref files! ^o^

I'll go ahead and send a private message with them!

Super appreciate it!

hi love! do you offer custom commissions?

I do! Unfortunately I'm not open at the moment since my wedding is coming up and won't be available till mid October. If you were interested in a custom, I can totally put you on my wait-list for when I get back so I can message you and accept your custom if you wanted ^u^

(Or I can put you down for another month lol)

Here's my price list for customs, that you can look over in case you were interested πŸ’– (all the way at the bottom of the page)

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Ahhh so sorry for the late reply lol, been super busy!

But yeah absolutely! Here ya go! πŸ’–

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Ahhh so sorry for the late reply lol, been super busy!

But yeah absolutely! Here ya go! πŸ’–

Hello! Theres a user on imvu that made ur character into a exclusive custom fur and makes profit from it .

Thanks so much for the heads up! πŸ’–I've been currently trying to deal with them QuQ

I would absolutely love to see a Hyena lady from you I would buy it in a heartbeat. Make her a goth baddie and bam....Sold!Β 

Just curious, what's the best way to claim an adopt from you? ; - I notice that usually when an adopt is put up, it's claimed almost instantly, and I'm wondering if you post them somewhere else Β Β  Thank you!

I have a discord where I post upcoming adopts and commission slots. Lately I've been posting all my adopts there first, which get claimed through there, so if you'd like, I can send you a private message with the invite to the discord group ^u^ πŸ’–

(Being active is never required, so folks are more than welcome to just lurk and stuff like that πŸ’– as long as you're +18, since my discord does contain NSFW art/adopts/posts)

Ooo! Yes! I'd be interested, and I am 18+, so I would love to join if that's okay! Really love your work ; - Β Β Please, feel free to DM!Β 

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You are free to do so!

As long as the original file of the character is kept aside in case the character is ever traded/sold off to someone πŸ’–

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They're super cute!

But I don't see myself using them much, so sorry! πŸ’–

Hi do you have commissions/art trades open if its ok i ask? ^^

I'm not open for commissions or trades at the moment, so sorry! ^u^

Hi I know that your customΒ commissions aren’t open, but just so that I can be ready for when they are, how often do you open them if you don’t mind me asking?

Currently I've have my customs partially open. I have a short queue at the moment. So I'm taking all custom commission requests, with the heads up to the commissioner that there are a few folks ahead of them πŸ’– So you're free to come to me at any time you're interested in a custom, and I'll be totally ok with taking your request ^u^ πŸ’–

Yeah absolutely! Go right ahead! ^o^ πŸ’–πŸ’–

Feel free to send me a private DM if you prefer if ^u^

I could probably offer my whole TH except for mains!!

ahhh you have so many cute charactersss!!
Sadly i didn't really see anyone i'd use much, so sorry!
I appreciate the offer though! ^u^ <3

It's fine! Thanks for letting me offer on your characters! Have a good day!
(If you are still interested, I could let you look at my other folders in mains. Tsunami, Pink bomb, Cherri, and Cream are off-limits)

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Yup edits are ok with me!

As long as you keep the original file (unedited file) aside, in case you ever decide to part with them, the next owner has the original design πŸ’–

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Do you do commission quotes? I know your not open but I would love to get a price to save up for when you are!! :0

Yeah i don't mind giving you a commission quote!
You can send me a private message with what you were interested in and whatnot, and i can give you a price ^u^d

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No bother at all!! πŸ’–

So I don't offer customs in chibi form. Chibis are just offered as add ons to refs (to show the character in a different hairstyle, or clothing option, etc.) ^u^ And I'm not currently open for art trades, so sorry! (I have a lot on my queue at the moment ahhh πŸ’”)

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Hiya I saw thatΒ is in your dreamies~ Before I settle a story in for her, would you like to make any offers for her? I do enjoy designs by you, nsfwzhenya, vani/luxebytes, and jeibon ~

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Went ahead and did so! ^u^d

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heya!! just a curiosuity do you do customs? :0

I do, but i'm currently closed till Mid January or so~
Here are my prices in case you wanted to take a look at them in the time being <3

oooh i totally dont mind the wait!! one more question do you do art trades? i can offer really anything with as much as youd like! totally understand if you dont take em!! ^w^ thanks for letting me know! and uuu heres a very simple peice i did so i can get much morr complicated haha no shading anything can defo do even better! thank you again! freaking love your designs >:3

I only do trades with close friends unfortunately due to some past bad experiences QuQ;
So sorry! but if I ever decide to do trades with others, I will definitely keep you in mind! your art is super cute! OuO <3 <3

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Sure! Depends on the design you're offering and the design you were interested in from my TH ^u^/

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AHHHHH CUTEEEE!!!! who were you Interested in? :3

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Ahhh tempting but I don't think I can part with any of those, so sorry! QoQ; I appreciate the offer though!! πŸ’–πŸ’–


Like holy, I really needed that, been feeling so awful lately, thank you, truly QwQ you absolute angel πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

I'm so glad!! QuQ πŸ’–πŸ’–

Heyhey don't mean to bother, but if you do ping lists, I'd love to be pinged for that adopt, if you ever would take offers that is! I absolutely love her! Feel free to ignore if you don't tho<3

Absolutely! ^u^/
I'll make sure to add you to one once i post her <3

Hihi sorry to bother but i was wondering if it was ok to draw some of your characters? I've been wanting to draw something for you for a while but i wasn't sure if you were ok with gift art ;w; Hope you have a great day!!

Ahhh absolutely!! ^o^/

You're more than welcome to draw anyone you'd like <3

No problem at all with me!

hi i was wondering if it's ok i ask, are ur comms open? Β Β 

They're closed at the moment, so sorry! ^u^;

Hello! I wasn't sure if this was allowed please let me know - I was curious if you had a ping list for specific character's if you sell them? I like adore and I got very curious <3 ; o ;

Added you to a ping list ^u^d

; o ; <3

Hello! I'm running a community art/writing newsletter and would love to feature you or your characters (or both!) sometime in the future if you'd permit me. If you'd like to check it out, the first volume is up here:

If you're interested in reading further volumes, subscribing to my bulletins will give you just the newsletter!

So sorry to bug

But do You ever do customs for ocs?πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ I've been craving your male designs for sooo long😭

I'm not open for commissions / Β custom at the moment sadly, but I do occasionally open a few customs here and there mainly over at my FA! ^u^/

Ah okπŸ’–πŸ’– thank you for replying πŸ˜³πŸ’–

You're like my favorite designer along with Doctor_

And you're so niceπŸ˜­πŸ’–

Ah, is it alright if I draw a few of your characters some gift art! They give me so much inspiration!

Yeah absolutely!! ^o^ I don't mind at all! πŸ’–

Awesome! Thank you so much! ^w^ πŸ’–

Hey I have a question. For your ocs. How do you make that information template? I wanna make something similar because it’s perfect for my characters!

I used the grid/tabke on the options when editing a Character's profile information ^u^

Okay! And are you okay with people taking inspiration on how you do it?:>

I don't really give it out but i mean if you use it or make it, i guess a bit of credit would be great ^u^; But if you make one and it's completely different than the one i make and use, then there's no need for credit lol

Of course I’ll give credit ;0; I understand completely.Β 

I noticed on your furaffinity acc you were entertaining offers on youe th characters. I'm interested in these characters here: , ,

I can offer multiple characters here (only ones completely off limits are tagged forever homed): I can also add at least $75USD, at the most $100USD

ahhh sadly i didn't really see anyone i'd use and the only one i could see myself MAYBE trading would be Pip, but it would have to be for a character i can replace her with and use a lot more <3 i appreciate the offer though!

wow you have some super lovely bbys ~<3!

God stop having so many cute pink ocs

I cant stop faving them allπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

just wanted to say, i love your art and designs so much! especially your girls, its always nice to see new art of them and read their bios
i was super hype to be able to get a design by you and shes getting much love in her new home too :D

Ahhhh I'm so glad you do!! ^o^ <3

It's always a pleasure knowing my designs are getting so much love πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Hi sorry to ask you, there was a unicorn character named Aisha on the first page of your designs.

I don't have a unicorn under the name you specified in your dm

I suppose because that character was linked with another user who follows him, and suddenly he left, he has it in his miniature designs as in early February, I was just asking if you noticed him

Hi! Umm in your sell folder the one's that say trade are you only taking trades? Like i have art

It all depends on which Character, most of them are Character trades only QuQ

Oh cause i like this bab

Ahhh yeah she's only for Character trade ^u^

What kind of characters you looking for her?

Preferably, characters that are kinda similar in quality :3 HQ designs

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Hello, darling! Beautiful characters as usual on all of your pages β™‘β™‘β™‘

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Anything anthro :3

Chubby girls/guys, Bara, femboys, pastel or natural colors, Characters on a base are a no most of the time

Most of the time if you go through my characters you get an idea of what i'm into X'3

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Your characters are really cute! I really love Buttercup & Salem Β Β 

Your characters are lovely.

Your new calf character, I cannot even contain my love for them <3

You have inspired me to make my own poodle character yes, I love you

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Do you have a Deviantart? ;v; I'd love to use some points to commission you!

Sadly I don't QAQ;

Ayyyyyyyyyy good looking - I missed you!!!

IT'S BEEN SO LOOOOONGGG!! //weeps// I miss your beautiful art and adopts!!

Ah pffftttt noooo!! I miss you and YOUR beautiful art more <3333 And I love seeing the love the babies I drew you are getting. Makes me want to draw them again ; w ;

Those bbys are some of my favorite designs ^u^ lol but you're always free to draw any of my cuties <3

I just got beyond embarrassed looking at my old art, oh my gooooodddd.

X3 ahhh but it's still super cute!! OuO

Loooove your characters soooo much <3

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thank ya for the sub n fav <333

you have the cutest characters ;o;