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ur so valid id die for u

omg blessed

Heyoooo! I was wondering if you'd like to rp

Sure!! do any of my characters in particular interest you for that? ^^

I like atom and pluto alot!

I'd be planning on using this kiddo!

ooh! Pluto is a super curious/bubbly alien who is optimistic and sees the best in people, so whichever one you'd rather rp with just lemme know ^^ i can also hook you up with my discord, SmokeSick#8104

HoneyyYY thank you so much for all of the faves ggHSD <333

Your characters are all so flipping cute sdfhasd,DSD ; w ; 

Thanks!! And np u got them good charactersss

Holy moly! Thank you for the favs!!

Im love all of them

So nice, thank you! <3333

np! Now that I look you have SO MANY GORGEOUS CHARACTERS THO