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Custom design [OPEN]

Posted 12 hours, 13 minutes ago by Solobodor

testing out taking commission for Custom design ;;

25€ for a sketchy design , 35€ for clean lines
refer to this

exemples of my recent design! only doing these kind of dragon things !


Comment on this post or DM the account !


Posted 3 days, 5 hours ago by Solobodor

HI ! i wanted to clear my main TH for only the characters i used, every retired OC have been moved to Frankiiie
BUT i also moved all the character that were for sale/ trade/ offer

Im also posting adopt there .. random design ill make when i get inspiration and take offer for !



Hey ! i never did that before but about 2 years ago i got this character i knew ever since i joined DA and was very happy<3 tho his gallery wasn't complete and the person i got him from, didn't know any other art of him ... 

i managed a find a bunch of art and pixels thanks to web archives but a lots of those links are dead by now and a lot of art on DA got removed .. 

SO im asking anybody on this site that was active during the 2012-2014 era if you remember drawing him ??? or have any art in your files / storage that i could be unaware of ??? 

anyway , here the character in question, Spoon ! 


(of course i drew this version and at the time, artist drawing him took a lot of liberties with his shapes and colors)  
here's some art that was used as refs at the time  
[X] (original post)  - [X] (low res ref made by another artist - original was removed) 

more info that could help !
- art currently on creator's gallery / favorites folder were already added !
- the character was created in 2012 and was active between 2012 and 2014 
(maybe 2015? i believe his owner stopped using him past 2014)  
- when he was active, his creator went by "
Dancerkind" or "CasIes(capslock "i")
- they were also active on ChickenSmoothies under
"Castleback" or "spoonfull"
- you can check these folders to check what i've found so far  [x] - [x]  to avoid doubles 


thank you to anybody that will try to help<3,
Spoon means a lot to me and to my experience as an artist on DA ;; any old art of him count<3