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Frosty Fire Ferret Masterlist
Deviantart Submission
Winter Jellhead Adoptables - Remember there's a bonus if you share/advertise these

When the family pet disappeared during the coldest part of winter, they reached out to the labs in hopes that their knowledgeable reach might help find and bring the black-footed ferret home some day. What they didn't expect was for the lab to take this as an invitation to create a ferret to try and take up this void in their hearts.

As warm, cozy, and sweet as this artificial Jellhead is, it's a far cry from what they had lost, and now they are looking to give this furry pal to a home that will give it the love it deserves.

Color Changing Jell - Reds, orange, and yellow when connected to the main Jell. Black and gray when it separates
Glittery - Offers a nice sparkle to the Jell that seems to remind you of a warm fire

• Please make sure to read up on the species before you offer to adopt. (It's a pretty neat species anyway :3)
• Once a new owner is decided on, a Sta.sh with all versions of this image will be provided.
• Any changes to the design will probably need items from the species' shop, but please feel free to save up and do so to better connect <3
• Once you make an offer, please edit the message rather than posting a new one if you want to add to it.
• You can comment below or on the Deviantart Submission to place an offer.
• Please do not redact your offer after it's been made.

What you can offer:
• USD via Paypal
• Art
• Customs
• Shards
• Other offers

Deviantart Points will not be accepted at this time, due to DA's new system for them. I am very sorry about this.
For USD, a minimum of $5 value needs to be met.
For USD, if the offer is $20+, I will make an animated pixel of this ferret. (Your choice on animation)
Thank you for checking this adopt out!

Threads of importance/Value

Posted 6 years, 5 months ago by Spiritburn

These are threads that I view as important for me to keep links of for myself, which may also help out other people:

General Request Thread - A thread where you can post your characters for artists to look through and draw for you. It's pretty much a free art thread for you.

The Freebie Bin - A thread for people to give away characters/adoptables that they no longer want. Sometimes there are trades posted there or links to other threads, but for the most part people link groups of characters that you can give a loving home to.

Pokemon Gijinkas - This thread has a lovely person who makes absolutely unique pokemon people. 

More may come later, as I find them.