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Warning! Some characters here have upsetting content.

There may be some triggering character interactions, stories, bios, and images. Individual TW and CW warnings will appear on individual character pages respectively.  It should go without saying my characters and settings are fictional and do not reflect my own thoughts and beliefs. If you are unsure about anything you may message me.
CW/TW may include, but are not limited to:

Dark themes/settings
Trauma/Mental Illness
Violence/Sexual Violence
Racism/Speciesism/other bigotry
Sexual/Suggestive/Fetish content

Self Harm/Death/Suicide
Nudity/Body horror

Phobia content

there may be rare oversaturated colors and gifs

Browse with caution!!!

Note: I have done my best to flag everything I can think to, but alas I am human, if I have missed any triggering content don't be afraid to shoot me a message, or even report it! This includes phobias, if I missed anything I want to plop that sensitive content image filter and character warnings on it!
If you're here because I blocked you, chances are it wasn't personal, I block/mute people who have or post images/gifs that trigger my migraines and minors who try to interact with nsfw- sorry!

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