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Commissions prices

Posted 5 months, 20 days ago by Treasured_Artifacts

Hello all~~

I'm opening up for commissions to start next week, if you would like a slot just comment here between now and Wednesday 10PM GMT <3

I am happy to answer any questions on discord, feel free to poke me anytime and I'll respond to you between working and sleeping hours!

What is available to choose from:

Masterlist art
Gijinka's - Adult and Kittom
Interaction Scenes
Non Elnin artworks - to be discussed prior.


Kittoms: $45
FaeKittoms: $60
Djinin Kittoms: $65
Elnin Lineart: $45-85
Masterlist works/Growths: $100-130
Additions -outfits and plasma horns- $30-50

Gijinkas and Scenes!!
(( vvv examples and prices vvv ))

(As these are new they will a take more time to work on compared to ML/growths due to more details involved, but I will update you as I go with progress, so these will not be quick commissions as I want to deliver great quality as always)


Link to ML: (MYO's too as it'll list the traits/mutations for me if present :3)

Rank you want: 
MP Traits you want: 

Mutations you want added if not listed on ML:
Additions : Yes/No (ex plasma horns/accessories/outfit)
Misc: (Any preferences for pose and expression, along with hair/eaf fluff styles)

(These I can provide a front and back view if desired for an additional fee)

Link to ML:
References to outfits you would like: (As much information provided is helpful)
Misc: (Any preferences for pose and expression, along with hair/eaf fluff styles)
Weapon: Yes/No
Scene commission: Yes/No (If yes, please let me know what you want, can give me a brief idea on TH if preferred, more details can be spoken about in private <3 feel free to message me to discuss)

If I have missed anything I will edit this bulletin <3 Thank you for your interest! <33



Commissions slots for April.

Posted 11 months, 7 days ago by Treasured_Artifacts

Hi all! I'm going to accept some commissions in April after finishing this current batch I'm working on, just three slots this time. If you are interested and would like to work with me please comment below what you would like!

Won't be FCFS, as to give everyone a chance to read this. I'll contact those I've chosen after April 3rd so please comment before then ^^/

(Comments Ex: Weapon/Elnin growth/Master list art)

>>>>> Prices <<<<<<

Any questions please feel free to ask here or on discord <33

Thank you! 

Art Giveaway! CLOSED

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago by Treasured_Artifacts

I picked two winners at random in the end as was touched by all the lovey entries! Thank you all who took part I was floored over how many liked my art to join in! I will do another giveaway again in the future!!

I will post when growth commissions are open once I have completed everything!

Thank you again!!


A nice simple giveaway I thought I'd try out!

If you wish to win art from me all you have to do is enter via commenting to this bulletin! Ex 'entering' 'count me in' anything!

The art can be one of the following:

Weapon/Item Custom

Elnin Growth concept

Elnin art (gijinka or feral form)

Examples of work can be found here:

For now just one winner will be picked, maybe more it depends how many enter :3c

Giveaway starts now and ends on the 1st May! (I felt a week was safe, to give plenty of time for people to decide what they want as well)

After that I'll most likely open growth commissions for Elnin!

Thank you 💕



Price Guide:

kittoms: $45

FaeKittoms: $60

df29km7-918e201b-15dd-40da-bc24-743b9270df29kma-338b6df9-5b2e-4af8-b55e-19fedaf9malis_fae_bby_by_forged_artifacts_df471jAdult Lineart only: $70-$85


Coloured: $100 - $130 based on complexity


brix_by_forged_artifacts_df29kgb-pre.png df29te0-3f340765-1e23-4665-9ed0-e26b8d1c

Plasma Horns +$30




Accessories or Outfits +$25 - $50


Prices vary between $45 - $120 based on complexity and weapon type

Some examples:
Knives/Daggers/Wands -$45

Guns/Bow&Arrow/Axes - $60

Swords/Staffs/Spears/Poles/Musical Instruments/Shields - $80

Scythes/Concealed + hidden weapons -$95

Hybrid weapons (mix of other weapons combined) $100- $120


As I accept payment from PayPal, please be aware you must be 16yrs and above to commission me.
If I have any doubts, I have full rights to decline any commission requests.

If wanting a commission but do not see a weapon listed above, please feel free to pm me for a quote!

For commissions please fill out the form below!

Elnin/Kittom Growth/Commission form:

Link to ML: (MYO's too as it'll list the traits/mutations for me if present :3)
Rank you want: 
Traits you want: 
Mutations you want:
Additions : ex plasma horns/accessories
Misc: (Any preferences for pose and expression, along with hair/eaf fluff styles)


If you don't have a clear vision of the design you want, I'm fine working on some concepts pieces if you are unsure of how you want your Elnin/kittom/weapon to look like. Prices will vary and discussed prior starting on commissions.

Weapon Commission Form:

Weapon type: ex Great Sword
Colour Pallet:
Additional accessories or magic: ei Ribbons, charms or emitting magic
Extras: (+$20)  ex: Scabbard, belts
Paypal: (Can send privately over Discord)

If you want more than one commission you are free to post multiple forms in one comment section! <3

Please do not use/claim credit of my designs or do any of the following without written consent/permission!

School/Vector Projects 



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