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Friend is Open for Commission!

Posted 15 days, 22 hours ago by Wafanic

If you're looking for an anime-style artworks for your OCs, try checking out my friend's commission!


New profile layout for Yasuhiro Yukiya

Posted 4 months, 11 days ago by Wafanic


Use PC for full experience✨

Screenshot_2021-09-12_at_08-22-16_Yasuhi      20210912_082614.jpg

(left) iPad/tablet version  |  (right) mobile version

Since these past few weeks has been tough for me, I decided to do something productive as a coping mechanism. The reason for the major change is that I wanted to make something unique for my characters (because there are quite a lot of characters that uses the same template as Yukiya's former template). I can finally publish the layout after working on it for almost 2-3weeks; and on those 2-3 weeks, I have learned a lot. This was my very first complete layout that I decided to published! And it was also the first time for me understanding responsive code (and to make it work on mobile platforms). It was quite hard to create the code from scratch, I applaud the coders of this website. Although I made the base code myself, I ended up frankensteining some sections from people's template. You can view all of the credits in the top left of Yukiya's visual novel-style section in both PC & tablet, and in the bottom right corner copyright icon in mobile. Shout out to cheerikola for creating the HTML Full Width so I could go wild with my creativity✨

Most buttons are interactive! And Yukiya would sometime explain things through the visual novel-esque section (credits to: AviCode!) when you click on the question mark icon.


These are also interactive! When clicking on each character's icon, Yukiya would again explain what he thinks of each characters (code courtesy of: AviCode!),

unknown.pngOn the bottom right corner, you can also view Yukiya's mockup social media profiles!

Now that I've published it, I could finally focus on my work! Please do tell me if something does not work as intended! Feedbacks are greatly appreciated! TvT

Also, if you'd like a chance to be featured on Yukiya's Q&A sectionーtry clicking on the 'SEND' button which would direct you to the thread, and ask in there!

I hope you guys would like the new layout as much as I had fun with making it!✨

I decided to delete the PSA, as I don't want to think about it anymore and would like to focus on my work. I've tried my best and resolved the issue from my side.

Proof of my ownership of Christopher Liu (since 17 May 2020) is still available on Chris' gallery: https://toyhou.se/6828090.christopher-liu/gallery#38592140

If you ever see the knockoff by the very same designer, you don't need to report it to me and just report accordingly on the platform. Thank you very much for those who have supported me.

My Skeb experience...

Posted 7 months, 11 days ago by Wafanic

Just wanna share my thoughts regarding the platform.

Firstly, I want to say thank you to mise/crimsonalloy whom had given me courage to use the platform by sharing her experience.

Ever since I met her, I've requested a few times and had always gotten outstanding artwork from the site. But I can't hide my disappointment when I saw the latest delivered result of my Skeb. One of the few reason is not only that it was rushed (I requested since April and just saw that the artist could barely made it to the deadline). The deadline was 12th June, and I saw the artist posted the preview of the sketch only on the 9th of June. It was immediately delivered the next day. And the next point being the outfit is too OOC for Yukiya, which is the very important problem at hand. I have no problems with the overall artwork, it's great. Even with the messy lines and some spots that its forgot to be colored. But I honestly couldn't ever imagine Yukiya wearing that kind of outfit. It made me think that the artist even rushed when reading my request. Or didn't read it at all.

Yukiya is an 18-year-old Rapper. Please NEVER draw him using a sexy outfit and make him look like a stripper. The same thing also applies for Chris.

I am currently editing Yukiya's outfit with a help of a friend, before uploading it to TH. In order for artists in order to not repeat the same mistake. So I beg of everyone, if you ever stumbled and saw the original artwork, please don't ever look at it. I'm so ashamed of it.