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Thank you for the favourite on Gerlinde!! ;v;

You're welcome! <3


Hi there!! Sorry, I read this and totally forgot to reply! It's by adorelee on Deviantart :) (I should add credit to my new profile layout, whoops!!)

you're welcome! <3

Thank you for the fave! <3

you're welcome!! <3

you're welcome!! :D

You're welcome! She's lovely!! <3

you're welcome! <3

ah thank you so much for the kind words

you're welcome! <3

Your chars are very lovely! Also, your game looks cute I'll have to give it a look sometime ^.^ I play a ton of indie rpg and/or otome games, so I'm always happy to try out more of them, haha. (I also someday want to make my own but...uh...motivation and all that is hard, yo)

Ahh omg thank you so much!! It means a lot to me that you said that. ;u; I really hope you enjoy the game if you do decide to play it! You should totally try your hand at making games - it's super fun (and thank you so much for the sub/fav too!)

You're welcome :) I like supporting small game developers, so I'll be happy to give it a look once I have spare time to do so, haha. and I do want to, I have tons of ideas for them, it's just a matter of time and learning the programs and all that fun stuff.

Well, that's very nice of you! We small devs really appreciate it. <3 Yeah, I get you - it's a huge undertaking, but I think it's worth it for the satisfaction you get in the end. If you weren't sure where to start, there's this great online tool to help you figure out which engine you should work with, and where to find assets: http://www.sortingh.at

Oh, thank you so much! That is very helpful, I'll be sure to give it a look :)

It's no problem! Good luck!! :)

Thank you for the fav ❤!!!

you're welcome!! :)

Thank you so much for the sub ;v; it really means a lot <3

Aw, you're welcome! <3 Your characters are super-cute!

You're welcome! She's completely adorable. <3