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To view the credits for any artworks placed on a character's main profile section, hover over the image (or tap it on mobile). A popup box will appear with artist credits. If no popup appears, that means I drew the image myself.

All images in a character's gallery section will have the art credit listed in the appropriate spot.

My icon is by PrinceSawyer.

Stock photographs are from Unsplash unless otherwise indicated.

Background patterns are from Subtle Patterns, Cocorini, CanadianLyynx, AtomicAdopts, and EvaMissTopia.

Jubilee Royale: Culture Translations

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Because I thought some might be curious, here are the rough inspirations for the various cultures and kingdoms present in Jubilee Royale! I want to make it clear that these are not intended to be perfect 1:1 parallels -- it's a fantasy world and I took some creative liberties when designing these countries and cultures. Some fun details were added that don't apply to any irl counterparts, mainly to ensure that my fantasy worlds wouldn't seem bland and uninspired. Additionally, character names might not always be real names from that culture, because I use a lot of fantasy name generators. But at the same time, I did draw upon certain elements of real-life cultures when designing these kingdoms to ensure that players felt represented, and also to lend them some believability. 

I'm always open to feedback and suggestions about these kingdoms to make sure my fantasy worlds make everyone feel welcome! It's a delicate balance to ensure the world of Almance feels fresh and familiar at the same time, and I welcome the expertise of anyone who might belong to any of these backgrounds. :)

Lyndith: United Kingdom -- particularly England in the north and Scotland in the south (reversed from real life!)
The people are called Lyndish
SAY: LYNN-dyth

Flaucinia: an equal mixture of France, Italy, and Greece
The people are called Flaucinian
SAY: flau-SEE-nee-ah (like the word flautist)

Atlium: central and eastern European, with some cultural inspirations from the United States ("pull yourself up by the bootstraps" attitude)
The people are called Atlian
SAY: AT-lee-um

Barona: mainly composed of the Entaq (Indigenous culture with strong Inuit inspiration) with a notable number of Atlian immigrants
The people are called Baronian or Entaq
SAY: bar-OH-nah
SAY: ENN-tack

Kanizar: Punjab (northwestern India and eastern Pakistan)
The people are called Kanizari
SAY: KAHN-ih-zar

Embran: Nigeria
The people are called Embranian
SAY: EMM-brahn

Nostaia: ancient Greece/Rome
The people are called Nostaian
SAY: nohs-TIE-uh

Jesmad: bridges the gap between JR's "fantasy Asia" and "fantasy Europe," such as how Turkey does in real life
The people are called Jesmadi

This list will be expanded once I come up with names for a few cultures that I don't currently like the names of so stay tuned!! In particular, there are more Middle Eastern and East Asian inspired cultures to come.