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Because of NFT crypto douches ruining things and stealing TH characters/art, I have temporarily set all my OCs to authorized viewers only. If you’d like permission to view them, just reply to this Bulletin and I’ll authorize you. Let’s all hope this nonsense is over with soon. I work hard on my profiles to show off my creations and it’s very disheartening that all this is happening. :(

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To view the credits for any artworks placed on a character's main profile section, hover over the image (or tap it on mobile). A popup box will appear with artist credits. If no popup appears, that means I drew the image myself.

All images in a character's gallery section will have the art credit listed in the appropriate spot.

My icon is by PrinceSawyer.

Stock photographs are from Unsplash unless otherwise indicated.

Background patterns are from Subtle Patterns, Cocorini, CanadianLyynx, AtomicAdopts, and EvaMissTopia.