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Characters for Sale & Trade

Posted 29 days, 18 hours ago by Xeshaire

Hello all!
I still have a bunch of lovelies that need a good home!

Sale & Trade: https://toyhou.se/Xeshaire/characters/folder:68081
Tentative folder: https://toyhou.se/Xeshaire/characters/folder:1420804

Please refer to this post for what I do and don't like, including holds to payments etc!
As the post a above mentions, I am not interested in art, and don't think I will be for a long time. The last few trades have been rushed to hell and I felt cheated and taken advantage of. Some trades are taking months before they end completion since they start right away, but don't finish the rest soon, and it's just become such a stressful thing to keep track of that I have no desire to trade for artwork anymore. My apologies in advance, all your art is beautiful but I just don't want to deal with the stress again. :(

- Trade Info -

Posted 1 month, 22 days ago by Xeshaire

* No holds.
* Prices listed as is, no price = trade only.
* I do a 2-week payment plan max for characters $250+.
* All payments through PayPal via an invoice. Payment due within 24 hours.

[Design offers]
* Not interested in customs.
* MYOs also don't interest me except Scarfoxes.
* I don't like canines, cats, equines, humans, furries with flat faces or simple OCs that can be duplicated by coincidence.
* Anyone here is an auto-accept depending on who you're offering on: https://toyhou.se/Xeshaire/favorites

* Any media accepted, but prefer digital art over traditional unless it can be mailed to me.
* Post examples, how many you are offering, and an estimated time of completion.
* I will not wait longer than 1 month for completion, failure to do so will result to relisting the character.
* I am picky with styles and quality, do not draw my characters if you cannot draw them.
* I prefer quantity over quality.