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- Trade Info -

Posted 4 months, 29 days ago by Xeshaire

Leave offers on the character’s page, not here please!

* No holds.
* Prices listed as is, no price = trade only.
* I do a 2-week payment plan max for characters $250+.
* All payments through PayPal via an invoice. Payment due within 24 hours.

[Design offers]
* Not interested in customs.
* MYOs also don't interest me.
* I don’t like closed species UNLESS I can resell later. I’m sick and tired of having a character stuck in a trade-only loop when I want to rehome them.
* DO NOT OFFER: canines, cats, equines, humans, furries with flat faces, multi-limbed or eyed critters, or simple OCs that can be duplicated by coincidence.
* Don’t offer me a whole account/folder with cheap Adoptables when the character you’re offering on is higher in value/sale price.
* Anyone here is an auto-accept depending on who you're offering on: https://toyhou.se/Xeshaire/favorites
* My patience runs thin when people still offer me a folder full of my don’t-likes above just to “try their luck,” I ignore these offers.
* 3-way trades are fine!

Species I don't like, so please don't offer them: Yevren, Guumi, JolleRaptors, NebNoms, Quildogs, Dainties, SushiDogs, WaterDogs,Cinnadogs, CCCats, Browbirds, Foolings, Snaptraps and any other species that resemble cats/dogs/ponies.
I have no ill will against the creators or the species, I just don't see myself using them is all!

* Any media accepted, but prefer digital art over traditional unless it can be mailed to me.
* Post examples, how many you are offering, and an estimated time of completion.
* I will not wait longer than 1 month for completion, failure to do so will result to relisting the character.
* I am picky with styles and quality, do not draw my characters if you cannot draw them.
* I prefer quantity over quality.