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Selling Floff Species

Posted 19 days, 14 hours ago by Xeshaire

I am taking offers on the entirety of the Floffling species!
You get all the rights to it and can whatever you want with them.

Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc_CsRltv4cH5VnsMkZTb_Nnlh5N9LXXvpdogsxx8jOyzGuLQ/viewform

I just lack the time and I rather just make a species like Drakeets where I make adopts and have people enjoy them. I'm not fit to create events or keep a whole community active so someone else may suit the species better. ^^

I'm new into this field of commissioning but was wondering if anyone is open for commissions for them, or perhaps art as a trade? https://xeshaire.com/#prices
Themes will include: Adventuring, wholesome couple related stuff (sfw but hey if NSFW is an option... :B) and all the like.

Post samples below and I'll contact you if interested!

Rehoming a ton of OCs!

Posted 1 month, 19 days ago by Xeshaire


Added a bunch more characters for sale, as much as I love some of these I’m not giving them enough attention. And frankly having so many OCs is getting a little rough to keep getting art for. So instead of collecting dust I rather have them go to good homes!

A lot of these are already being sold for less than I spent on, so I rather not haggle.
Payment plans of 2 weeks are available for characters $250+ otherwise the payment is required in full within 24 hours of claiming.
I don’t do holds due to too many people not following through with the sale.

Taking offers on all characters~

Posted 1 month, 20 days ago by Xeshaire


Make an offer, please don't ask me how much for X or Y, offer what you think they're worth and I may or may not go with it. ^^ The only off-limits are: Thira, Haruki, Rin, Arafel, Merci, Arya, Sachi, Kadin, Lucielle, Avalon, Himauri, Raava, Momo, Scout, and Qui.

Not interested in art or trades unfortunately, the funds are for bills that all suddenly piled up in the mail from all my doctor visits the last 3 months oops. :v (Thank the lord insurance covered 80% of the bills cause that woulda been SPICY PRICY)