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Do you know where I can find your f2u bases?

I only have p2u bases. ^^

how much??

My newer ones are on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/cawstumes And my older ones that are cheap are on my DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/xeshaire/gallery/61376330/bases-linearts

Kk, checking them out, thank you!

Oh! Oh my goodness!! I stumbled across your page and I can't believe it! I saw one of your suits at Furpoc 2017! Kalani was GORGEOUS and you posed for a photograph! I'm a bit starstruck!

Haha what a small world we live in!! She was made by TreeBark Creations so she deserves all the praise for the work! <3

Rawr!  I'm a Charr and im gonna eat you!

oh my.  I never knew you played GW2! :D

I've been playing for years haha! I just never got around to making my main Charr a character :3

NA or EU?  Also wanna play sometime?

NA! And if you catch me online, sure! I mostly WvW or just roam for bounties lately, but plan to work towards my first Legendary when I got more time. ^u^

Sure thing!  just need your account to add :D

Jelly of your characters ah goodness <3




Yay first comment~ <3 And it's love~ :D

There is no comment more fitting for the first, for you. ;)