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please do:

  • Favorite bomb me.
  • Favoriting my ocs in "dreamies" or "I want" folders.
  • Draw my ocs, in shitpost, nsfw art or in gore/kill/torture. 
  • Draw my ocs with your ocs or shipping art between both.
  • Write random shitpost at my profile.
  • Dm me about concerns, including problems or oc stuff.
  • Share my art outside of TH with proper credit back to me.

please doN't:

  • Copy / Steal my ocs descriptions.
  • Trace / Heavily reference my art without my permission.
  • Use my personal art without given permission.
  • Ask me to make a story with you. I only world build with friends I can trust won't judge me.
  • Contact me for roleplay inquiries, I don't roleplay sorry!


The majority of my stories have extreme dark plotting that are not suited for minors and people who can get triggered by certain topics. I avoid drawing / writing the explicit scenes of my stories, but a lot of this stuff can be most times "guessed" or are mentioned vaguely. I have everything tagged appropriate for NSFW and gore art, but please proceed at your own discretion.

The following warnings imply this topics sometimes are mentioned in certain stories or are present in the character's gallery. While the list might sound concerning I promise sincerely I am not in favor to this views and are mainly used as key points to tell a story (in most cases) about characters overcoming problems.

  • Blood / Gore / Violence / Murder / Self harm / Death / Suicide.
  • NSFW / Nudity / Dub-con / Non-con.
  • Homophobia / Racism / Ideologically sensitive / Dark humor / Drug use.
  • Cruelty / Tragedy / War / Fascism / Authoritarianism / Religion.


This list of points are related to my persona / personality, but are unrelated to my art. You are free to ignore this list if you want to support me as an artist, but are not interested in approaching me for friendship purposes.

  • You get triggered by dark humor.
  • You can't handle dark topics.
  • You only want to talk about art. I look for more in friendships than just art talk.
  • You can't handle others having opposite moral / political views.

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