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Can you please give Honey a cuddle from me? She's adorable!

oh jeeze <3 she certainly knows how to win over the hearts of others, thats for sure ahaha! I will give her some extra cuddle time in your name! <3 




oh my god that was meant to be posted ic as juNIE


Thank you so much for favoriting Junie oh my god \ o uo;; /

Ahahaha I figured you were just being weird xD it's all good  ahahaha she's spoopy! I like it! 

LMAO No worries omg omg!! Yeah she just, breathes on everyone who gives her a favorite o vo ! She's a good bug = v=

thank u so much for the mention/tagging/feature idk..... i was feeling kinda shitty and then i saw that and.... hhhhh confidence boost. thank u <33

I'm glad it could make your day a little better, it's well deserved! :)

So I didn't know you could let people know whenever you edit your characters! Is this a premium feature or? o:

nope, I don't think so since I'm not using premium! I just noticed it recently myself, I think its a new feature :)

oh sweet! :D

Thank you for the love on Muerte omgggg ; w; <3 <3 I'm cleaning through my notifs and finally got to Muerte's favorites lmao

Happy V-DAYY



dsfhskdfhjfskf jfs HAPPY VDAY TO YOU TOO, FRENN!

Thank you for the sub, friend! o/

[SCREECH] I think we used to talk on gaia a long while ago :0c

oh my god, haha, small world... er, internet? I'm rubbish with remember usernames, but I believe you! lol - I've been running into a lot of old gaia peeps here recently, I think its a reunion site! Hope you've been well!

Its been like a billion username changes, but we used to talk in K's freeb thread if I remember right c:

wow man, awesome memory! I'd say that was probably 2014 when we talked last? It could have been even earlier than that, who knows! I'm amazed at you remembering even the thread we talked in! Give me your powers haha! I barely recall my own name most days

I still frequent gaia quite a bit, major art dweeb, I just spam the art threads like it's my last day on earth. Pretty sure people are tired of me by now on there. BUT I WILL NOT FALTER.

So if you're ever around again gaia on there, poke your head in one of my threads and say hi! :D 

hfhjkdsjkld Thank you for faveing Hayato! I really appreciate it!

no problem! I like your ocs! 

I appreciate it so much!

hdahbdsjhsa <3 thank you for the comments on my babs!! ;n; it was super nice to wake up too <3 (i was gonna reply to them all but then i didn't know if you'd appreciate the influx of me screaming thank yous at you /w\)

ahhh, you're very welcome! :) And thank YOU for blessing this planet with your awesome characters! 

;n; you're way too nice! thank you <33


Boop! back at'chu!  :D 

You remember me from Gaia?

Haha you'll have to help me out! I have an atrocious memory

do you go by a different username on there? 

I used to be a reg in the art freebie thread with the Mr. L avi and eventually Diego and the retired Rose Thief.

My username stayed the same.

I do remember Diego, actually. He seems familiar to me! So yes, I remember you, haha you're in the brain vault somewhere and I keep getting flashbacks

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