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hiya, sorry for fillin up ur notifs with a couple of favorites, but i love so many of ur ocs and their designs!! your dragon designs are especially nice and clean. i love their markings and the general biology of them, and how the markings correlate properly to their species, it's very intriguing! sorry for the ramble but im just a big sucker for good creature designs <3

Oh my gosh I'm sorry I haven't checked my communications I didn't notice the number go up. 

Please do not apologize for the spam, thank you so much! It was honestly so neat to see all the favorites! Spam away, I fully welcome it.

Oh hey!

heeey! good to see you have a toyhouse as well :D

Test test, hello it's us! :D Trying to just figure out how to follow you and stuff... *flails around*

Hi there! Wanted to say thanks for following me on here and then on Twitter as well! You have some very interesting characters!

Aww thank you, yeah I saw you post about it on twit and I like seeing characters so I followww :D

Sweet, I'm honored that you're interested in seeing my characters! I'm trying to get more profiles worked on. Looking forward to seeing what you have to offer too! :D

Your gallery is so nicely managed, I gotta get off my tail!

Beautiful GW2 characters!

Ooh! thanks much! I love my dears, I need to draw them